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CAR REVIEW | Rolls-Royce | royce rolls phantom, car rolls royce, rolls royce engine, hire rolls royce, rental rolls royce, limo rolls royce, limousine rolls royce - Rolls-Royce is an automobile mark produced by Rolls-Royce Motors. Rolls-Royce Motors was created by the demerger of the Rolls-Royce car businessfrom Rolls-Royce Limited in 1973. The original Rolls-Royce Limited had been nationalized in 1971 due to the financial collapse of the company, due in part to the development of the RB211 jet engine. In 1973, the British government sold the Rolls-Royce company to allow the parent nationalized Rolls-Royce Limited (1971) to focus on the manufacture of jet engines.

Rolls-Royce is based in London. Rolls-Royce powered aircraft for the Allied planes in World War I World War II, built engines for the company has made a material contribution to the war effort as it powered the Hawker Hurricane and the Spitfire of the Battle of Britain against the comparison German Messerschmitt and Junkers. Royce, the company's founder, was not a wealthy family in the front or the privilege of an elite education, but has created one of the most famous cars with hard work and applying his engineering skills was an apprentice at the factory . Although not generally regarded as a race car, Rolls Royce is known for setting several world records for speed in cars driven by Sir Malcolm Campbell. As the largest civil aircraft engines in the world, the company facilitating the global movement and global change in the modern world. The name of the company and the products are synonymous with precision engineering and the whole world.

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In 1884 Frederick Henry Royce started an electrical and mechanical activity. He got his first car, "Royce" at its plant in Manchester in 1904. It was presented to the Honourable Charles Stewart Rolls, son of Eton and Cambridge-educated Baron Llangattock of the first in the Midland Hotel in Manchester on 4 May the same year and the couple agreed to a deal in which Royce would manufacture cars to be sold exclusively by Rolls. Rolls was already importing and sales of French cars and established one of the first successful car dealers in England. He had considerable business acumen. A clause was added to the contract, which provides cars would be called "Rolls-Royce." The Company was incorporated March 15, 1906 and moved to Derby in 1908. The partnership was successful. Royce not only designed for a high level, but insisted that high standards were maintained by staff and instituted a quality control system.

Rolls was also an amateur pilot (which may have influenced the look Royce aircraft engine design) and broke several records. Tragically, he died in a plane crash June 2, 1910.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe 2011

The Silver Ghost (1906-1925) was responsible for the company's early reputation. It had a 6-cylinder engine; 6173 cars were built. In 1921, the company opened a second factory in Springfield, Massachusetts (in the United States to help meet demand), where a further 1701 "Springfield Ghosts" were built. This factory operated for ten years, closing in 1931. Its chassis was used as a basis for the first British armored car used in both world wars.

In 1931, the company acquired rival car maker Bentley, whose finances were unable to weather the Great Depression. From then until 2002, Bentley and Rolls-Royce cars were often identical apart from the radiator grille and minor details.

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In 1933, the color of the Rolls-Royce radiator monogram was changed from red to black because the red sometimes clashed with the coachwork color selected by clients, and not as a mark of respect for the passing of Royce as is commonly stated.

Rolls-Royce and Bentley car production moved to Crewe in 1946, and also to Mulliner Park Ward, London, in 1959, as the company started to build bodies for its cars for the first time: previously it had built only the chassis, leaving the bodies to specialist coachbuilders.

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Rolls-Royce engines reached speed records on land and in the air. In 1931, an entry in the Schneider Trophy Competition Rolls-Royce International established a new world speed record of 400 mph air. It was the first of several speed records on the air. On February 22, 19 232 in Daytona Beach, Florida Sir Malcolm Campbell set the land speed record driving his Rolls Royce Bluebird power. On March 2 and September 3, 1935, Campbell broke his own record again at the wheel of a Rolls Royce motor car.

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