Thursday, August 11, 2011

Maserati GranCabrio[Reviews]

Maserati GranCabrio - four real seats, comfortable, warm and enveloping. Never before available as a convertible from Maserati. Never before has a car with the Trident logo has a whole family or four friends to enjoy a trip outdoors. The magical chemistry Maserati GranCabrio starts when you look: it's incredibly beautiful, with the top up or down. In fact, it has a sophisticated soft top for very specific reasons can be summarized in three words. "Center of gravity" fabric, fabric for ultra-high-tech, low weight, much less than the metal and the use of a walk Car: the weight of the whole system is only 65 kg. And the fabric is flexible, full color palette for the exterior of the car six times the number of colors that are available, from solid black to gray d high-tech titanium hot chocolate in color.

Twenty-eight seconds, it takes time for the Maserati GranTurismo to return to a cocoon of safety. Steering wheel one too, thanks to the 0.35 Cd roof up, which increases only slightly, 0.39, with the top down.

The design is for the benefit of comfort. The time when people travel in the back of a sports car is resigned to suffering physical discomfort is well and truly over: the rear passengers in convertibles Maserati Gran do not support the actors, but co-stars trip. Legs, even for those over six feet tall, is no longer crammed into the spine is no longer constrained to a vertical position against nature, but comfortable and physiologically supported on the record for the sporty no going to compromise on comfort.

GranCabrio Maserati design

Dynamism, sensuality and passion were always the features that make the creative genius of Pininfarina masterpieces can be admired throughout the world that you have. The latest work of art to go to the Maserati factory, Maserati GranTurismo, is planning a dream car, but it is a true masterpiece, that is just begging to be driven by lovers of beautiful cars, they want to travel in a closed environment refined and comfortable.

The challenge for Pininfarina was one of the most exciting: Never a good four-seater convertible that can seat four adults comfortably without stealing the slightest bit of the incomparable joy of travel, was produced by Maserati. Now that the builders have finished their work, all this seems clear: the convertible Maserati Gran could never have been. An expert eye, however, understand how power is behind the front, impressive and dynamic at the same time, the sides and sinuous and feline rear speakers of a language with a high-tech aerodynamic diffuser long tested in a wind tunnel , crowned by large, oval chrome twin tailpipes article.

A sculpture that speaks to the connoisseur of ancient language, the great Italian bodybuilders, to admire a beautiful car when it is open, but when it moves with the roof up, which is not always the case for cars of this type. The flexible fabric roof was chosen on a folding hardtop, which, with its complicated locking system, in need of engineers and designers unacceptable limitations for those who seek beauty in its purest form. And if "all-clear" was given to the highest quality materials and state of the art technique to a structure with a skeleton composed of five steel and aluminum beams and covered with a three-layer fabric is Available in six colors, meeting each client's requirements.

The entire system weighs only 65 kg, but at the same time, ensuring maximum efficiency Aero-acoustic and allows the Maserati GranTurismo can be enjoyed in all seasons thanks to stringent tests are carried out 30 degrees Celsius and 40 degrees in the shade.

When the bell is the drag coefficient of 0.35, while the top down 0.39. Extraordinary figures, the mark of a perfect chemistry between aesthetics and functionality. Not to mention another imperative, the comfort of people who ride the GranTurismo convertible. The option to leave the wind was specifically designed to achieve this objective, provide excellent passenger protection, even at high speeds. Therefore, the wind stopped, the volume of air is outside the 70%, while the speed of the air inside the cabin has been reduced by 50%.

Attention to comfort is also in the details that may arise on the surface, to be secondary, as the unit which, on command, start the cycle opening hood when the key is inserted into the door. This means that the car can be seized when the cover is already down and the heat that built when parked in the sun has already disappeared. And if a storm threatens to break out during the trip, Maserati Gran reaction time convertibles is only 28 seconds, the time required to close the soft top.

The Maserati Gran convertibles Voice

Maserati GranTurismo sound, the notes of the V8 is powerful, but muffled while driving slowly progressed, but they can match the strength of the standard high-pitched sounds when the driver requires maximum. The secret of this flexibility include pneumatic valves, which are normally handled by the drains are closed, so that the car runs within the limits of discretion, but if the Sport mode is selected, open up over 3,000 rpm, and the sound became a roar powerful, especially the roof down.

The orchestra eight-cylinder is a choir that sings the joy of driving on harmonic gearbox 6-speed automatic. This transfer is the result of close collaboration between Maserati and ZF, which has interpreted the exciting combination of 323 kilowatts (440 hp) V8 engine and smooth automatic gearbox. And if the driver wants to feel more like a conductor, all he has to do is select the manual mode and adjust the engine sound to the rhythm of the manual clutch, it is still better when using steering wheel paddles.

Maserati GranTurismo asks to be heard, even through the sound of the hi-fi system developed by Bose, and Maserati. Keep the most discerning audiophiles satisfied was not an easy task: no work on the roof in line with a double speaker design have been completely renovated. Finally, 12 were assembled: one speaker in the middle of the dash, two woofers in a tweeter together from every gate, a low edge of the box under the front passenger seat, two tweeters and two woofers and a rear flat rear subwoofer box contains two woofers. And 'the bass, the speakers that reproduce the lowest tones and give the right depth for the orchestra to grow, or rhythmic foundation for jazz trio, behind the perfection of the cornerstones of the "concert GranCabrio". Rear bass-box, for example, has an unusual shape, which extends behind the back and under the armrest, so it can play its best.

To avoid lengthy manual settings that can develop into potentially dangerous distractions while driving, the system automatically adjust the volume and equalization of sound, depending on whether the car is running with the hood up or down, but the listener not notice any difference, and perceive the same sound quality in both configurations.

All this with the audio-Pilot ®, which allows a small microphone mounted on the dashboard, the interior noise level of alignment and adjust accordingly. This is especially useful at high speed, the wind noise to enhance and ensure the sound quality is always excellent.

The driver has to do is choose the music CD is most appropriate for the journey is about to do and the Maserati Gran Cabrio audiences can become more dynamic.

Maserati GranCabrio dynamics is a critical feature for a car that is as fun to drive than the GranCabrio is a great sense of balance, she has a weight distribution sense. Trident's latest creation is unmatched at this level as well: with the hood up 49% of the burden is on the front axle and 51% in the rear, while the rate with the top down 48 and 52% respectively .

In everyday driving, these figures become a reliable and predictable behavior in all situations, breathtaking acceleration, also for uneven surfaces and exceptional stability in emergency situations of war exercises. This is done by the engine unit is installed, with automatic transmission, rear axle front. Units sent to the 2-wheel shaft supports the limited slip differential (closing ratio is 25% and 45% live in the press).

It took thousands of hours of calculations, and so many hours, while the platform is to develop prototypes. This was deemed necessary to maximize the structural rigidity, even without a roof.

Skyhook suspension infinitely adjustable gas shock absorbers that adapt to changing road conditions. In practice, this means that any abuse is a "hidden" to the driver, who can then enjoy the incredibly smooth driving experience in all real comfort.

But Maserati is also very aware that no two drivers are alike: This is why the Maserati Gran convertibles dynamic performance can be cut to match your personal preferences, as if it were a suit elegantly tailored. By pressing the sport, in a split second the car stiffens the suspension accelerates the shift and exhaust note is deeper and more aggressive. Then just as suddenly, he can return to normal mode by pressing a button, offering them on all the comforts of a top row of Gran Turismo.

Keep an eye on driving safety is a (Maserati Stability Program) MSP system, which uses a wide range of sensors to detect abnormal behavior any car, even the smallest deviation from the ideal trajectory of the vehicle and, if deemed necessary, operates the brakes and engine to stabilize the Maserati GranTurismo and put it back on track.

Another acronym, HBA, which means the hydraulic brake assist, a new concept of Maserati. This application recognizes when the driver is in a panic situation, the analysis of a set of parameters such as pressure on the brake booster, wheel speed and the activation of the third brake light. Once the state of emergency was declared, effectively replaces the HBA driver and unleashes the full power of the brakes to reduce stopping distances to a minimum. Because a smart car knows how to make fast, very fast, but also knows when to put the speed of decline, the total control of the driver.

The train Maserati GranTurismo

Elegant and sporty for. On the outside, cozy and comfortable in this formula has been improved with the experience of the designers that have been tested with the idea of ​​Maserati GranCabrio. A concept that includes first two adults to be able to use the rear seats, even on long trips, without suffering from cramps and fatigue.

This car, even if the journey is again a joy, thanks to an ergonomic seating position that is comfortable and not artificially afloat.

The tunnel in the form of problems between the rear seats with two cupholders and a bucket. Before all the comfort benefits package can be exploited. This feature allows the driver to store the perfect driving position and the seat of cold, heat at three different temperatures of hot and cold concepts are entirely subjective. The driving position is sporty and comfortable, with the upper body and legs flat on the curves at high speed. Curves are fully addressed by grabbing the leather trimmed steering wheel with three branches with a diameter of 37.5 cm ideal.

Active and passive safety

A 190 milliseconds, or less than the bat of an eyelid. This is the time necessary to implement an emergency heart by Maserati convertible security system: roll bars behind the rear seats expandable. Airbag unit to ask for help when the dynamic situation of the car that creates the fear that the car is about to tip over. Or when the convertible Maserati Gran suffer a side impact or high violently struck from behind, to prevent anti-roll bars are damaged and not be able to protect vehicle occupants should the car overturn at a later date.

Maserati Gran convertibles are very, very protective of adults and children. The particular configuration of hoops deal with residents, even if they are taller than average. Special ISOFIX provide a secure grip for child seats. And the new generation of air bag system function according to the current "size" of them in the car.

Do not compromise the safety of this car, because no-compromise, no matter how insignificant, should be approved. But the Maserati GranTurismo also have another task: to be beautiful in its detail. Therefore, the airbag system is located on the passenger side needed to design objective is to look at the top of the dashboard and optimiszing the perfect combination of security features of the overall design.

In summary, the total protection and knowledge that will help only 190 milliseconds to arrive in the event of an emergency. A physical barrier and a large number of electronic security measures to take place between the driver and passengers and road hazards.

Integrated systems

Twenty-five degrees, and air-dried: That's what the experts think is the ideal situation of human well-being at home, office or car trip. The rule, which is certainly not carved in stone, because everyone has their own ideal temperature and during car trips, use the air conditioning on trains to find it.

At Maserati Gran Cabrio driver is required to set the desired temperature in a range between 16 and 32 degrees, and the electronics will start to mix the air and the counter with a precision micrometer intensity circulation as the goal quickly reached. The climate control system is fine tuned to provide maximum comfort both with the hood up and down, adjust accordingly. He knows he has to perform quite differently at a party early summer or on a blisteringly hot, and it is also very well that this should not be too invasive in terms of noise so that the engine can be left to sing to his heart content.

A state of the art system of navigation is one of the many information systems GranCabrio Maserati offers its owner. The interface consists of a high-resolution color screen of 7 inches in the center of the dashboard that shows the features of the CD player, navigation system, radio and onboard computer constantly providing information in the field and the car's performance .

The Maserati GranCabrio is so powerful in terms of IT, an area in which gigabytes instead of taking the power of the scene: the hard drive can provide up to 30 GB and can store up to 180 hours of music obtained directly from a CD or download MP3 files. You can also use your own player as an audio source by plugging into the USB port in the glovebox. The most frequently used functions can be activated with steering wheel controls to avoid all distractions. In addition, the audio system, navigation system and telephone, if any, can be given by voice commands to be able to "talk" with your car is to have maximum security. However, the Maserati Convertible can also speak: you can read text messages and to provide traffic information so that not even need to look at the screen.

Finally, an iPod connection is available upon request, allowing the owner to enjoy their favorite music with state of the art hi-fi system developed by Bose and Maserati, a system that offers no fewer than 12 speakers to recreate the atmosphere a concert hall.

Interior Maserati GranCabrio

Maserati GranTurismo reflects the soul of Italian craftsmanship, dating back to the old Renaissance workshops, and has gradually evolved, not to mention their noble origin. The seats are the first thing you appreciate when you get behind the wheel: upholstered in Poltrona Frau leather, plush, naturally will feel soft and cozy in winter, cool and breezy in summer. Skin will improve over time just like the great vintage of wine.

The color palette includes no fewer than 10 colors can be mixed with the seats, dashboard, hood, steering wheel and shift knob of an infinite number of combinations to create an environment tailored to suit your own taste. Each button on the steering wheel and dashboard is decorated with a fine chrome trim, a seal with the domain of an elegant style. The Trident logo is engraved by hand on the headrest and exposed seams on the arm is sewn by hand.

More hands are made of woods that have a place of honor in the cockpit of the Maserati Gran Cabrio. These hands have softened the wood with infinite patience, it removes all impurities and polished again to obtain a striking result. Carbalho wood comes from Brazil. Maserati has sought to distant lands in their original, because references unequivocal: each part has a different fabric, a kind of footprint that ensures that each vehicle is unique.

And for those who want to customize their cars to the nth degree, two different sets of luggage are available. The first all-leather, Thu elegance filtered, while the second is made of leather and fabric. The color palette is extended in this case too, ranging from black to blue through the Testa di Moro beige (very dark) and will be completed annually by a shadow Interpretation of trends in international fashion: Grigio (gray ) made his debut in the 2010 collection. The basic package consists of two wheels and two cases of vanity, a bag is also available designed to be placed in the rear seats.