Sunday, August 7, 2011

Honda FC Sport Concept

The sport of FC can be summarized as follows: Imagine beat your best lap time, while hearing only the tires rub the asphalt and the silent hum of electric motors with high torque. Image of a true super not banned with all the speed, handling and elegant sports cars of today the fastest, but without the noise, heat, vibration and emissions from combustion engines home.

Built Design of the study, shows the vision of the FC Sport Honda for making environmentally friendly vehicles, which are also fun to drive. "FC" stands for "Fuel Cell", such as hydrogen, fuel cells, the same technology to power the FCX Clarity. When the 3-seater, the pilot-centered cockpit, fuel cell technology opens the door to unprecedented technological flexibility, which lowers the center of gravity with every modern piston-engined sports car. FC Sport is a metaphor for the future with alternative fuels and the emission will dominate the world sports car.