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Fiat Uno 2011
CAR REVIEW | Fiat | Fiat S.p.A. (legal company name) or FIAT (an acronym for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino - English: Italian Automobile Factory of Turin), is an Italian automobile manufacturer, engine manufacturer, financial and industrial group based in Turin in the Piedmont region. Fiat was founded i by a group of investors including Giovanni Agnelli n 1899. Fiat has also manufactured railroad vehicles, tanks and aircraft. As of 2009, Fiat (not including Chrysler) is the world's ninth largest automaker as well as Italy's largest car manufacturer.

Fiat barchetta 1995
Fiat Barchetta 4w, 1995

Fiat-based cars are manufactured all over the world, the most widely produced outside Italy, is built in Brazil, where they are best-sellers. It also has factories in Argentina and Poland. Fiat has a long history of licensing its products in other countries. The activities of the joint venture can be found in Italy, France, Turkey, India, Pakistan, China, Serbia and Russia.

Fiat spider
Fiat 124 Spider, 1985

Agnelli's grandson Gianni Agnelli was Fiat chairman from 1966 until 1996, and honorary chairman from then until his death on 24 January 2003, while Cesare Romiti served as chairman. After their removal, Paolo Fresco served as chairman and Paolo Cantarella as CEO. Umberto Agnelli then took over as chairman from 2002 to 2004. After Umberto Agnelli's death on 28 May 2004, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo was named chairman, but Agnelli heir John Elkann became vice chairman at age 28 and other family members are on the board. At this point, CEO Giuseppe Morchio immediately offered his resignation. Sergio Marchionne was named to replace him on 1 June 2004.

Fiat spider 1975
Fiat 124 Spider, 1975

In September 2010, shareholders approved a plan to split Fiat's industrial businesses from the group. Truck manufacturer Iveco, farm gear maker CNH Global NV and the industrial part of Fiat Powertrain Technologies were demerged into a new entity, Fiat Industrial, at the beginning of 2011. Fiat Industrial has a separate listing on the Milan stock exchange beginning 3 January 2011.

Fiat Gamine
Fiat Gamine yellow, 1968
Fiat Clubs - "United by the same passion"

From historical models such as the 124 to the Cinquecento – a real myth not only in Italy – up to the more recent Fiat models: people all over the world are inspired by the same interest for our brand. Meet them at the on-line Fiat Clubs and take part in rallies and events.

Fiat Gooding
Fiat Gooding Pebble Beach, 1953

Fiat WorldWide: The natural evolution of a great company. The company always active in the international arena, that never lost its flair for innovation. This why are present all over the world together with all the Fiat Clubs founded by Fiat fans who share your interest and enthusiasm. Fiat Clubs website: - CAR REVIEW