Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cadillac SRX (2012)[Reviews]

A new 3.6L V-6 - the most powerful production engine in the segment - Updates values ​​in the 2012 Cadillac SRX. Enhance a combination of performance, technology and sophistication that is resonating with more luxury crossover customers.

Cadillac SRX retail sales grew by 17.7 percent in the first half of 2011 based on record 2010 net sales increased by 150 percent.

The new 3.6 liters - known by its codename "LFX" engine - the engine is only offered on the Cadillac SRX offers a power of 16 percent (308 hp / 230 kW) than the previous V-6 offers more. . high torque at low revs the reactivity of the vehicle has been improved considerably in all operating conditions - the release of a stop near the town of maneuver in traffic, passing maneuvers and the acceleration is at full speed. is matched with the Hydra-Matic 6T70 six-speed automatic transmission, which has a function driver-selectable Eco-changing shift points and increase the throttle to help maximize fuel economy.

Cadillac SRX also provides enhanced features for 2012, and updates that make it quieter and more refined - including new absorbent materials placed strategically in the car. The basic suspension system and Sport have been revised to improve ride quality.

"The improvements we've made to the 2012 SRX luxury crossover to the already great even better, to give our customers greater performance and functionality," said Don Butler, vice president of marketing for Cadillac. "Many changes are a direct response to feedback from consumers, demonstrating the commitment of Cadillac to total customer satisfaction."

Inside the LFX
Cadillac SRX: LFX the new direct injection 3.6 V-6 delivers 308 hp SAE certificate (230 kW) and 265 Nm of torque (359 Nm), where efficiency, improve features such as direct injection and distribution Continuously variable valve timing. The maximum torque is reached only at 2400 rpm and maintained at 5300 rpm. LFX is also E85 ethanol-compatible.
"The development team was challenged to reach 300 horsepower in the SRX and surpassed the goal," said Liz Pilibosian, chief engineer. "The horsepower and torque at low engine speeds of 3 L 0.6 provides more power demand at the launch, on steep slopes and overtaking. LFX The engine range also contributes to a better sense of displacement." To help them achieve their performance goals, the engineers redesigned Cadillac SRX exhaust system with dual motor runners collection point further back in the vehicle. The diameter and length of the pipes have been specially optimized to improve low-end torque of 1200-3000 rpm.

Pulses of high pressure exhaust of each engine cylinder are timed to arrive at the collection point for all the phase accurately. This setting effect, which is literally called out the analysis engine exhaust timing pulses of high and low pressure of each cylinder. Maximum torque is now produced in a very low 2400 rpm and stays high over 5300 rpm. Improvements in torque and power is achieved by maintaining quiet operation.
"No stone was left unturned when it came to LFX optimize the flow of air from the moment it enters the engine until it is expelled through a muffler," said Pilibosian. "The exceptional flow characteristics we were able to exceed 300 horsepower goal, but a careful calibration of the continuously variable valve timing and engine exhaust system contributes a great low-end torque."

The engine is coupled with an LFX Hydra-Matic 6T70 electronically controlled six-speed automatic with tap up / tap down control of the driver. A report broadcast wide range of 6.04:1 allows a "steep" first gear, and a "great" Top Gear Overdrive for highway cruising at low revs. The maximum acceleration is so fuel economy. Engine noise is also lower during the cruise. Because of the widespread report (6.04:1), the first a very high gear, giving a smooth acceleration from a stop. Sixth, however, is an overdrive ratio keeps the engine speed as low as possible for highway cruising, which reduces the friction of the engine and improve fuel economy.

A driver-selectable feature modifies Eco crossing points of the 6T70 to improve fuel economy up to 1 mile per gallon. A clutch was added to the variable displacement compressor air conditioning air to improve fuel economy. The compressor runs only when needed and offers no resistance when turned off.

Chassis and suspension

Cadillac SRX is a four-wheel independent suspension and rack and pinion hydraulic steering mechanism of the standard system - and offers an effort varies depending on the speed steering - partial development sports sedan driving style and a feeling of strong center. StabiliTrak electronic stability control is standard, and braking is standard four-wheel-disc/four-channel-ABS system.For 2012 Base suspension provides more driving comfort, which is to maintain an excellent driving characteristics, shock thanks to new media in the pocket, Tuning greater security, a new front stabilizer bar bushings glued, and the new twin-tube tunnels rear shocks that offer more road isolation.
Active sports suspension - standard on the performance and premium collections - will also improve for the year 2012, a new front strut mounts higher, new valves, shock absorbers, stabilizer bar bushings glued and revised suspension calibration for this real-time variable damping. Electronically controlled shock absorbers at each corner "read" the road constantly make changes in real time in milliseconds. They offer just the right damper interest in all road conditions, more comfort and more of a sense of control. It also increases the absorption during treatment of aggressive measures to reduce the rate of roll and pitch speed of the vehicle feel more confident.

Cadillac SRX has also offered all-wheel-drive system, which includes an electronic limited slip (eLSD) differential. It not only improves the grip on a slippery road conditions, but provides a means to side torque transfer along the rear axle for improved turning control difficult. And 'developed in conjunction with Haldex, a technology that brings all-wheel-drive and AWD system allows eLSD divides torque front and rear axle, and also in the middle to the side, the entire rear axle, sending power the grip of the big wheel.