Friday, August 12, 2011

Breakfast At The Easyriders Saloon

The new Easyriders Saloon in Sturgis, at Lazell Street and Junction Avenue, was right in the middle of all the Sturgis action for the 71st Annual Black Hills Classic. Good food, fun, music, libations and hot waitresses, what else would you expect from Easyriders?
       Outside bikini-clad honeys offered to wash your scooter, and inside the steakhouse was serving up grub to a grateful biker nation. A rockin’ band in the bar kept the crowd entertained non-stop.
       On Thursday morning the Paisano crew invited the biggest players in the motorcycle after market to a breakfast to introduce our latest publication, ROAD IRON. A few of the luminaries that were present are shown below. Everyone is excited about the new magazine, on the newsstands now.
       The Easyriders Saloon is open year-around, so be sure to check it out the next time you are in the area.

J&P - Jill Parham, Zach Parham, John Parham, 
the V-Twin expo's Jim Betlach, 
and from Drag Specialties - Jim Matchette
Easyriders Editor Dave Nichols with Larry Colman of Barnett
Holger Mohr, Brian Marion of Custom Chrome with
Paisano VP Advertising Sales, Wiley Poole

Joel Felty of Headwinds
Ryan Farabaugh of Lucas, his wife Holly, and mom Debbie
The Easyriders Saloon has the hottest location in Sturgis