Sunday, August 7, 2011

Best Maruti Suzuki Alto Car Care Products

Best Maruti Suzuki Alto Car Care Products

Best Maruti Suzuki Alto Car Care Products | Car Review | Maruti Suzuki Genuine Parts and Accessories are priced very competitively and offer a customer best value for money and quality. Below is the list of car care products provided by Maruti Suzuki to care and keeping your Maruti Suzuki Alto running in top performance and best looking. If you interest to buy these car care products of Maruti Suzuki for your Maruti Suzuki Alto, you can contact the nearest dealer for more details.

Surface Refinaments Protection Old Car

Safely & effectively removes - minor scratches, Stubborn stains, dust nibs etc. Protects from UV rays, oxidation etc. Produces a brilliant, lustrous, durable "wet look" finish.

Paint Protection New Cars

Protects painted surface from the effect of weather like UV rays, Shines & restores original look producing an exceptionally durable, ultra high gloss finish.

Tubeless Tyre Basic Kit

Helps you repair your puncture tyre yourself.

Dash Board Shiner

Protects against UV rays. Prevents fading and does not allow dust to stick.

Super Cleaner

A rapid dry cleaning agent to keep your car parts in prime condition.

Automotive Body Polish

It protects paint effectively, removes dust and pollution grime from painted surface.

Rain Repellent

When spread on the windshield, rain water slides down and does not accumulate on the windshield.

Upholstery Cleaner

Forms protective layer improving the life of interiors like seat covers, roof silencer, trims etc.

Automotive Car Shampoo

Leaves the body, dirt and grease free without any stain marks.

Automotive Glass Cleaner

Cleans windshield,door glasses and other glass parts.

Wash Fluid 50 ML Pouch

Highly concentrated wash fluid for clear vision. Also improves life of wiper blade.

Super Adhesive

An instant high strength adhesive. Bonds almost anything within seconds and joins everything except broken hearts !

Super Lubricant

A stitch in time saves nine. Designed for moisture proofing, rust prevention and lubrication.

Tyre Polish

Gives a coating on tyre for richer shine and natural look. - CAR REVIEW

Best Maruti Suzuki Alto Car Care Products