Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Audi Urban Concept (2011)[Reviews]

This ... is a draft. But it is part of a series of sketches of Concept Audi Urban, a small two-seater electric car in the city of Ingolstadt, which reveals the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2011.

There is room for two seats on the Urban Concept Audi? Or even a space for an electric motor?

There are actually two "E-tron electric motors to provide power, while a number of lithium-ion batteries should provide enough charge to buzz around the major cities throughout the day. There is no word yet if they are in-wheel motors, but probably there is a turn on each axle, and unless these pages as admission override the function, the R8 supercar-alike gills provide the necessary cooling.

Instead of something as trivial as the number of ports, the Urban Concept has a sliding roof that slides back to access and exit the house. The seats are staggered 1 +1 agreement, like the Caparo T1 in which the passenger sits in the driver's right shoulder to right. They are two of the thin-padded seats, and only a skeletal house, with a screen installed in the beam, which is the end.

What do we know?

Audi, a lot of luxury, says that the concept of "messes up the categories of traditional cars - Audi Urban Concept combines elements of a race car, roadster, a fun car and the car one of the city in a radically new concept."

More importantly, it shows that Audi is considering the future of urban mobility - the i3 BMW, Mini and Smart have shown both electric scooter concepts and establishing the Twizy Renault EV tandem seating in sales in 2012.
Urban Concept is not based on an existing car, but Audi uses Ultra lightweight new philosophy to cut all superfluous kilograms - which means a carbon-reinforced plastic (CFRP), the cockpit that integrates into the lower seats. These wheels will add a few pounds of unsprung mass is, however, they are great articles 21In Audi said shroud Tape "flashes" the feature wheel LED lights.

The urban concept of Audi will be released in full at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2011.