Monday, August 1, 2011

Aston Martin Virage (2011) [Reviews]

Aston Martin introduces the new Aston Martin Virage - very elegant and powerful, yet considered a sports car under. The brand can now offer its customers a first class, all with different shapes, but with the same unique soul, Aston Martin and luxury.

Beautiful, dynamic and prestigious Aston Martin Virage combines decidedly performance luxury sports car, comfort and refinement. The front mid-mounted V12 engine torque for outstanding performance with inherent agility of the car and the perfect weight distribution provide the ideal balance between performance sports car and immediately the luxury brand sports modern illustrated by Aston Martin.

Aston Martin CEO Ulrich Bez said: "100 years of automotive history has shown that evolution produces the best solutions in a timely manner Virage So it is, is the next level of evolution, we VH architecture, strategy, and makes everything perfectly, you can expect today .. It 'the perfect balance of opposites. "

Aston Martin Virage is perennially among the elegant DB9 and DBS offers an open sports car for our customers, who remains in a performance of luxury and rustic, but offers more and, most importantly, the performance, which is always available without problems guide.

Aston Martin is renowned hand-built 6.0-liter V12 produces 490 hp (365 kW/497 hp) and 570 Nm (420 lb ft) of torque, and through the shaft of carbon fiber, is coupled to a six-speed Touchtronic automatic transaxle II installed to promote the full weight of the 50:50 balance.

The Aston Martin Virage dynamics were set to provide a more engaging driving experience more refined, the driver can extract the maximum performance of your vehicle more easily. A new adaptive damping system (ADS) intelligently "reads" the road to provide optimum grip, adapting to different conditions. The system now selects up to five different parameters of stiffness in the normal mode, and more rigid five settings in sport mode.

Helps the driver control, a "sport" button on the dashboard allows the driver to select an answer marked acceleration of the changes and the fastest team, while taking no gear changes automatically rather than limiting revolution.

Aston Martin Virage introduced the Carbon Ceramic Matrix (CCM) brakes as standard - in contrast with this market - offering advanced and massive stopping power. Powerful, fade-resistant and much lighter than traditional cast iron plates, the CCM braking system which means that not only reduces the weight of the whole machine, but the weight savings per wheel means that a better balance of ride comfort and handling can be affected. The lower rotational mass also improve acceleration.
Aston Martin Virage active technology and combine it with the comfort and refinement found in DB9 and Rapide. Aston Martin bonded to an aluminum architecture "VH", which constitutes the backbone of the sports car brand, inspired by the aerospace industry, where weight reduction is the ultimate goal. Durable and lightweight, modular aluminum intrinsic properties are ideal for a very rigid and versatile platform, which enables the production of Aston Martin Virage Coupe and Volante.

Aston Martin Virage sits wide and low power demands, which is below, a bi-xenon headlamps follow the lines of the sides to give a car more lively and modern face. The aluminum grille inspired by the new One-77, consists of five horizontal wings, which are beveled to create the profile of support. The new front bumper is clean and the machine to alleviate any visual complexity of the overall objective of the simplicity of design. Front wings separated by Aston Martin Virage his team mates to host a new modern interpretation of the iconic Aston Martin side of the body strake six LEDs style, forming one side of the repeater. Aston Martin Virage side skirts to drive simplicity through a rear bumper diffuser, which houses the body-colored blade width aggravated by a car.

Such as drivers and passengers opening doors signature swan wings, they are greeted by the scent of seven hides the most beautiful Bridge of Weir leather hand-sewn by expert craftsmen. Inspiration is drawn from the luxury leather goods to produce a striped Welt flowing on either side of the dashboard and along the seat and the door, drawing the eye through the car. Aston Martin Virage Each man will have 70 hours of expert craftsmanship provided within one to create the famous Aston Martin sophisticated interior. In total more than 200 man-hours to be spent on the global headquarters of the Aston Martin Virage crafts at Gaydon, Warwickshire, England, this will be the production car at the tenth to be built there within eight years.

Simplicity throughout the car with the new fully integrated satellite navigation has been developed in collaboration with Garmin. The new system simplifies the operation through the four existing joystick mounted on the dashboard. A new 6.5-inch screen with high resolution using the latest graphics cards and maps to guide visually and aurally drivers to their destination.

Standard equipment includes heated seats (Sports seats only), cruise control, satellite navigation, Bluetooth preparation powerful phone and 700W Aston Martin Audio System with Dolby ® Pro Logic ® II and complete integration of iPod ® .


Sitting in the heart of all Aston Martin sports car is a driver and not more suggestive in the adoption of the new twist famous hand-built 6.0-liter V12 that is assembled at the factory Aston Martin engine as Cologne Germany. Aston Martin technicians take more than 20 hours to build and test each engine before sending in Gaydon, where they went so far in the Aston Martin Virage can help balance your ideal weight 50:50.

The Aston Martin Virage engine produces 490 hp (365 kW/497 hp) and 570 nm (420 lb-ft) of torque, and is identified from V12 in the family with a full black. Full houses a "five pillars of design" further increase the stiffness of the pipe to provide improved sound quality. The V12 was designed to provide over 85% of maximum torque at just 1,500 rpm drive Virage offers a useful snapshot and most importantly, the real world.

Aston Martin Director of Product Development, Ian Minard, said: "The new Virage represents another milestone in the Aston Martin sports GT class that combines luxury and performance Our engineering team has tried to balance the elements of modern design, the powers and perform solid performance liquid .. We focused on key elements of the performance of the car and control, and the intricate details of the operation, comfort and craftsmanship. "

II Touchtronic transmission features as standard, and to promote the Aston Martin Virage refined power delivery makes the replacement of a concrete but simple. Designed in collaboration with ZF six-speed automatic is well positioned to remain silent figures on the motorway, and practice to respond heatedly while driving. Controlled through a finely polished glass passes describing the NP, R, D, on the dashboard, the driver can take the automatic mode and an intelligent control system to decide the right time to change the gear ratio to achieve smoothness and savings Fuel optimal.

In addition, the driver can take the paddles leather-clad magnesium to activate the manual mode. Mounted on the steering column so the driver can always be found easily up or down, the manual mode gives the driver complete control.
Virage has a Sport button on the dashboard that, when depressed, will create an enhanced driving experience through quicker gear changes and automatic system will replace the driver is able to maintain the equipment in the limiter speed.


The new Aston Martin Virage has a new adaptive damping system (ADS) has been adapted to meet the special character of the last Aston Martin sports GT. Each shock has five settings of individual computer controlled rigidity. This allows the turns "reading" the road through sensors placed strategically around the car, constantly adjusting the distance of each corner. The use of yaw, the accelerometer, steering wheel, throttle and brake sensors (ABS), the intelligent system can take into account the needs of the driver of the car is at any given time. The unit adaptive damping control (ECU) uses these measurements to determine the damping of the best settings required at some point, it becomes more rigid for improved handling and control, driving dynamics, and become more flexible for comfort while driving "normal" driving conditions.

Increase vehicle control, the button on the glass top allows the driver to disable ADS system to grow firmer shock absorbers in a variety of configurations. As the button is pressed, the first five seconds, all damping parameters are set in their strongest offering a tangible difference for the driver. After five seconds, the system returns to the optimal configuration of the vast estate that results in a more focused driving experience, but comfortable.

Virage has been delivered to customers in Carbon Ceramic Matrix (CCM) brake standard - bucking trends in this market. Critically acclaimed for offering the ultimate in braking power progressive CCM discs benefit from six-piston calipers in front and four rear. To give the driver control when braking tangible, they are much stronger than conventional cast iron discs fade and 12.5 kg lighter than a conventional system, they contribute to a decline in the population outside the comfort suspended participation ride and handling.

Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) has been specially optimized for the Aston Martin Virage. A three-stage DSC system allows the driver to adjust the level of intervention depending on the type of electronic behavior. In default mode, the system is "on" limit any tire slippage in difficult conditions, and provide maximum security possible without being intrusive. Hold the button for four seconds, begin DSC "Track Mode", which could be delayed electronics, creating an even purer experience safe. Press the button for five seconds to turn off completely.

Using the knowledge gained from the V8 Vantage Roadster and DBS Volante, Virage Volante, the new features a cradle securely mounted and front and rear panels of shear, which provide a high level of rigidity. This means that Virage Volante retains its sporty dynamics, without compromising the roof open. For the first time on an Aston Martin Virage coupe they are also using a shear panel on the back of the car, again to increase the strength and stiffness.

Fully integrated into the Aston Martin series satellite navigation has been completely revised Aston Martin Virage benefit from the new system, developed in collaboration with the Garmin that is managed using the existing joystick and buttons on the dashboard. Features include a clearer graphics, better interface to the prospect of the radar images and data. The new system to maintain an integrated, out of sight less than real wood on the dashboard, center console can be easily by pressing a button. Control through an aluminum four-button joystick to prevent fingerprints on the screen uncomfortable that prevent a clear view.