Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tex Concept ItalDesign (2011)

Four real seats, front-wheel drive and a slightly more aggressive line, Texas has a long tradition of Volkswagen sport.

"We designed the Volkswagen Tex thinking of sports cars in the coming years," said Fabrizio Giugiaro, vice president and director of Italdesign Giugiaro style. "We deliberately keep the family feeling that it would immediately identify the product Wolfsburg is close to production. This is a visionary and futuristic selection was made, but rather the natural evolution of the Canons of today with the addition of some technologies that will soon be available on the market. "

Compact, low (1,355 mm high) and 1750 mm wide, Texas, at first glance looks like a sports car with good traction on the road, highlighted by the large 19 "wheels at the ends and generous wheel crosses .

Its installation is that the classic two-door coupe, which clearly underline the sportiness of its aggressive front and rear spoiler flaunting two.

The side view is marked by lines that shape the doors near the air out of the front wheels and the waistline that rises towards the tail.
The front is characterized by a thin grille that closes the headlights, trapezoidal air intakes and an unprecedented three in the bumper / spoiler zone, cooling is required brake discs and 1.4-liter turbo. VW brand sits in the middle of the grid and is optically emphasizes the groove is a V-shaped bonnet. Windshield and the roof is made of glass that darkens electronically.

The large rear window overlooking the rear spoiler and seats two, with the wipers installed in the bottom. As the Go! above, the headlights are under the windshield and are invisible when the panel is off. The trunk access is authorized by simply increasing the rear and, once open, the lights are repeated for two additional tail lights at the bottom of the bumper, along with the "rear air intake, which also contains rear fog lamps.


As in the Go!, The inside of the Tex has also been designed to offer maximum space and maximum occupant ergonomics. The interior is definitely oriented toward the driver. All instruments are placed in a functional way and wrap around the driver to allow passengers an incredible sense of space. The board contains large orders and manage information becomes smaller when approaching the door panels for entering and exiting the cab easier.

"We designed the interiors for the first sensation is entering a sports car," said Fabrizio Giugiaro. "The driver must be able to find, so we chose to finish the details and elements that refer to the classical idea of ​​the sports car. We have adopted the knob of leather and a large interior, with the speedometer and counter located in the traditional position at the wheel and "like" The graphics, for that very reason. "

If the equipment is a classic style, content, instead of filling the available technology. All buttons and lights are LCD screens, consoles and touch-screen infotainment to the center of the dashboard, set in a transparent structure, a structure that creates bare.

Range is separated from the central tunnel, an unusual solution for the car but the driver rotates a continuous color and graphics.

The two rear seats are independent and can be folded down.

Strong heart, gentle soul

Texas has a plug-in hybrid called the Twin Drive system designed and developed by Volkswagen.

Couples Twin Drive 1.4-liter turbocharged internal combustion with a battery system of 85 kW peak power is capable of developing 400 Nm of torque when used in combination.

It has front wheel drive with a gearbox 7 directly change the wheel.

Its performance as a pure sports car. Tex is to reach 100 km / h stops for about 6 seconds, and reaches a top speed of 220 km / h.

However, in this case, sportsmanship and respect for the environment are not separate worlds. Texas is able to cover about 35 km all-electric mode, most of the time to move during the day.