Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rocketman Mini Concept (2011)

The creation of innovative concepts for urban mobility have emerged in the MINI success it is today. A constant flow of new ideas since its inception over 50 years now have resulted in driving pleasure continued to grow even if the space on our roads has become increasingly difficult. This success was the creative use of space, a principle that enters new territory with the concept of MINI Rocketman. Study for Self to be revealed to the public around the world for the first time in 2011 at the Geneva International Motor Show (March 3-13) refers to the classic Mini in terms of external dimensions, while points technology for the future of automotive design. A 3 +1 seater with 3 doors and a length of just over 3 meters (about 10 feet), the concept of MINI Rocketman meets the basic requirements of the mobile lifestyle in the big cities of the future by sharing the values core of the brand in concentrated form.

An ingenious feature, smile-inducing agility, ensuring a powerful and compelling design combines a very exciting and ground breaking, but generally the MINI concept subcompact segment of premium cars.

Showing both a sense of tradition and talent for innovation, the design team of the MINI developed a vision of a car that meets impressive little road space but has an enviable spacious interior. MINI Concept Rocketman So the classical virtues of the brand for a pioneering vehicle concept. It offers a new interpretation of design features unique MINI, and uses a cutting edge design and manufacturing technologies to create unique solutions in the body and interior.
The innovative nature of the study is defined as the systematic application of the principles of lightweight design and an interior pure oriented for maximum driving pleasure and an unparalleled variety. A carbon frame construction area, if the striking surface structure is visible on the front of the car around its doors and within, form the basis for constructing a minimum weight. In fact, MINI Concept Rocketman provides the ideal platform to achieve a remarkable efficiency. To this end, it is designed to allow integration of a drive system that combines further improved the ability to sprint with an average consumption of only three liters per 100 kilometers (94 mpg Imp).

Large double doors open and integrated hinge limits access to Rocketman MINI Concept. The lightweight seats are shaped in the usual style and MINI can be arranged in a variety of positions. This makes it possible for owners to choose between driving pleasure than two-up, a comfortable space for three passengers, or even an unusually efficient division of space can accommodate up to four seats.

The boot can be adapted to the needs of passengers and flexibility. The two-part tailgate includes a section that is attached to the roof and opens very high, and a lower portion that extends outside the body in a drawer.

Business logic Rocketman MINI Concept is also oriented to the needs multi-layer for a modern audience, whose mobility needs are shaped by their desire for driving pleasure, flexible deployment options and extensive connectivity to their life outside the car. The central control unit can be taken out of the car and configured on a computer before the trip begins to update the navigation destinations, list of music playback or contact information for mobile communication.

Body: MINI design language Hallmark particularly in concentrated form.

MINI Concept Rocketman body is formed by an avant-garde interpretation of the characteristics of time honored brand. Innovative construction techniques allow the principle used in the classic Mini - to provide maximum space in the smallest space possible - to be carried forward to the challenges of urban mobility in the 21st century. The concept of MINI Rocketman measures 3.419 meters (about 11 feet 3 inches) in length, by adding an extra inch of front and rear of the founding father of the brand was born in 1959. The new study is 1.907 meters (about 6 feet 3 inches) in width, including mirrors, and 1398 meters (4 feet 7 inches). Its proportions also show clear symmetry with the Mini brand of both classic and contemporary line-up. It looks brand name focuses on a new set of dimensions, the concept of a new segment is clearly recognizable as a MINI.

The interpretation of the MINI design language features chosen for the self-study also releases a powerful and dynamic appearance. Close contoured surfaces, large wheels and a basic form given by straight lines help give the concept of strong structurally sound MINI Rocketman. In addition to revealing its proportions, a dash of distinctive design features ensure that the brand affiliation is clear. Faros large, round, chrome-edged grille dominate the front. While the outer contour of the headlamps of familiar visual fit of the model, its internal structure has been developed for the new study. LED units in a beam of employment generation heart surrounded by a ring of light lights for eye-catching way. Turn signals integrated into the headlamp units are a feature shared with the current range of models in the MINI.

Dimensions of the lights reflect the current MINI, which means that they come across a particularly high due to the lower side of the car study. How do you distinguish the features of MINI design to symbolize the brand's core values, which is an impressive piece of a new vehicle is the concept of the study.

The area around the headlights and radiator grille and front spoiler, the carbon frame area is displayed along with painted surfaces and chrome. Surface structure serves as a reminder of the amazing innovative research to build a plan.

A silhouette powerful, brings an innovative concept.

Large wheels and a three-level split-body design, "surrounding" the greenhouse effect and the roof resting on the sides to give the same appearance as a mini-models already in production. Cone as windows back in the body, emphasizing the dynamic wedge shape and provides an immediate indication of sporting and agile car. The high waistline, accentuated by chrome frame MINI struck the vehicle, takes the form of a strip of light in the MINI Concept, Rocketman, and casts a strong silhouette of the study more explicit.
Study 18-inch wheels also leaves no doubt that the sure-footed grip and sporty driving characteristics of the MINI can also play a central role in a car with smaller dimensions. The wheel weight gain specially developed for the MINI Concept Rocketman has a very efficient aerodynamics, the structure of closed surface. And the contours of the wing carbon-wheel steering also help reduce drag. A strip of aluminum trim on the rim adds an attractive style.

Among the keys to the car design and functionality of the innovations are the two side doors. Its duration and programming specifically designed doorways allow easy access to all seats on the concept of MINI Rocketman. When opened, the doors pivot outside its limits, allowing the driver and passenger on board with their seats and settle in comfort. The entrance to the rear seats is much easier for the concept car is unusual. Three-dimensional construction of carbon, with the impressive torsional rigidity of the base structure allows the arrangement of the wings which are combined with the rigidity of the body extremely high.

In addition, a sophisticated mechanism for opening, can be accessed in the car, even in tight parking spaces. Hinged doors have a double hinge joint that allows a wide opening angle, where space is limited. The innovative nature of this structural element is also evident when the doors are closed, carbon stand out clearly hinges on the shape and color of the body. The concept of MINI Rocketman therefore, takes its cue from the classic Mini style, with a hinged exterior also became an identifying characteristic.