Friday, July 1, 2011

Nissan Tiida (2012) [Reviews]

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., previewed a new sedan model year 2011 cars in Shanghai. This new model will be a new generation of Nissan Tiida in China.

The Nissan Tiida hatchback, introduced in China in 2005 by Dongfeng Nissan, is a pioneer in the compact sedan market in China, selling 85,000 units in 2010. Sold worldwide in 165 countries, the Nissan Tiida is the best-selling model in the current range of Nissan products.
The all-new Nissan Tiida is aimed at young families who appreciate the quality of life. Points of call such as "high-end style and agile," "first class comfort" and "Pure Drive's revolutionary powertrain, the new model continues to be a model of market-leading compact sedan in China. Nissan will also be the first Japanese automaker to introduce a turbo engine in the Chinese market with the introduction of the new series of turbo Tiida.

Based on "Fluid & Lively a keyword, provides a new Nissan Tiida, a new high-end look with a smooth, streamlined body side, balanced proportions and sophisticated exterior design parts such as grilles and lights with details refined. To further improve its spacious interior, which was well received in length of the wheelbase of the previous generation sedan Tiida has increased from 100 mm to provide knee space best-in-class rear. With the increased length and width of the mirrors in the shape of the windshield and optimally for ease of use, visibility contribute significantly to stress-free driving.

Inside was developed using a second key word - ". Calm & processed" This is a beautiful decoration to take the driver and passengers, an elegant tool and craftsmanship, a floating center stack to the cluster, and the wide, super-soft arms, the car offers a tax, which offers a comfortable ride feel.

Ride comfort is made from soft, comfortable seat with low vibration that takes less fatigue while driving.
It installs a reliable, easy to use, low fuel consumption HR16DE Nissan Motor that was used in a number of Nissan vehicles. In addition, a wide range of Pure Drive low emission technologies have also been added as the latest dual injectors combustion efficiency provides more finely by the splash of fuel and Xtronic CVT transmission with an attendant. Some models of the Nissan Tiida new stage of fully strict fuel efficiency third in China (draft issued in November 2009).

This new model, which will be produced at Dongfeng Nissan Huadu plant in Guangzhou, will be released in late May 2011. Followed by entry into China, which will be launched in approximately 130 countries around the world in 2014.