Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nissan's latest Micra supermini

Nissan reveals all-new Micra supermini at Geneva
British Built And Funky With It, Nissans Latest Micra 1.0 Is Sure To Be Popular. By Andy Enright

Stop for a moment and think about what buyers look for when shopping for a supermini car. Nissan did. They decided that because buyers wanted a small car, there was little point in making a large one. It seems obvious but its a lesson that has escaped many manufacturers.

Customers were interested in making a style statement but still wanted reliability, practicality and all those other boring things without appearing boring. The car that Nissan have produced redefines the way we look at the supermini class. The Micra 1.0 models bring affordability and style together in a neat package.

Value Manufacturers in this class have long had an obsession with maximising the amount of internal space. The Japanese have been some of the worst culprits in this instance. Who cares if theres enough room to seat Shaquille ONeal in the back seat if your car ends up looking about as attractive as a dumpster? Given that most of the time we use the rear seats of our superminis for the kids or to sling shopping or jackets onto, most buyers would sacrifice ultimate space for a stylish profile at least thats what Nissan is banking on. The asking price to get behind the wheel of one of the most distinctive supermini shapes for years isnt exorbitant.

The three-door 1.0 E model opens at £7,795 although youll need to fork out another £650 for the five-door version. This trim level is the only one available with the 1.0-litre engine, although the next variant up - the 1.

2-litre S - is, model for model, only £555 extra.