Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport (2011) [Reviews]

Mitsubishi Motors is adding a new model derived from the top of the line crossing, the Outlander: The new Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, a slightly smaller version of the popular seven-passenger CUV, which has a completely redesigned body, a more fuel efficient engine mated to a 5-speed manual or continuously variable transmission (CVT) and comfortable accommodation for five.

The new 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport model year will be available in two versions for the U.S. market: the ES 2WD has a rich set of standard equipment and a choice of manual or CVT transmission and luxury, SE edition has the technology that is available with 2WD or 4WD, and includes continuously variable transmission.

"The new 2011 Outlander Sport is a reflection of what happens when the Mitsubishi Motors to focus the resources to plan and design for the task of developing a fun, expressive, low cost, but an eco-friendly vehicle," said Shinichi Kurihara, CEO of MMNA.

Athletic Style

With his taut, muscular bodywork, the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport visually a breed apart from the rest of its competition compact crossover.

When the front end inspired by jet fighter air intakes that decorated the company legendary high-performance sports saloon - the Lancer Evolution - Mitsubishi Outlander Sport will bring a touch of pepper, more to the otherwise very poor segment of the event. But the sculpted body is not just a cosmetic use - its smooth lines and flowing, long-beltline and rear spoiler combine to give this new model and elegant one of the lowest coefficients of drag of a car of its class.

Security: The technology provides Piece of Mind

Taking advantage of the enormous amount of research and development activities in the name of security for the original Outlander, Outlander sport uses a lot of technical thinking, not only to minimize damage to all occupants of the car (Mitsubishi Outlander sport has received ratings 5-Star frontal and side impact of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), but also for pedestrians too.

Advanced car-safety system consists of front airbags supplement the safety system (SRS) for both driver and front passenger in front airbags and side impact air curtains, help knee airbag, the driver's seat and sensors weight of the passenger, front active head restraints and seat three-point seatbelts for all five seats (front seat belts) included at no charge.

A security feature dynamic, driving is a priority system of controls that if two of the accelerator and the brake pedal is engaged while the vehicle is reduced to a stop.

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport also includes the next generation of high-impact safety evolution (RISE) technology in its body design. The RISE system dissipates energy in the event of a rear or side impact, helping to protect occupants and minimize the distortion of the body and the fuel system in a rear collision.

Technologies include pedestrian protection energy absorbing a new front bumper design to reduce lower leg injuries, flexible plastic front fenders with a light touch and a redesigned cover.

Help, comfort and

If it is a fast drive to the grocery store or a long interstate travel, the driver and passengers of the Mitsubishi Outlander sport are treated to a refined ride comfort and a number of positives - all of which become more impressive when one considers the low center and truly capable of MSRP.

On the road, the suspension is quite a different ride satisfactorily strong that feels like a luxury sedan high dollar, while the electric power steering communicates excellent feedback from the road. Fabric-covered seats are comfortable for everyone - especially the front seats because they have the upper body well and thigh support - so that there is sufficient height for even higher sets (6 ft).

Residents in the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport has been a quiet ride, thanks to a spray-absorbing material on the floor and the top hat, acoustic headliner material and the addition of low noise tires.

Air conditioning with pollen filter, cruise control with steering wheel controls, tilt and telescopic steering, windows and door locks, remote keyless entry and an AM/FM/CD/MP3 audio with 140 watts of steering wheel and 4 speakers, the volume of digital signal processing, control of EQ and the rate of compensation and hands-free system with the input fuse USB jack are just some of the convenience features offered. Among the improvements are available from luxury motor remotely, super high intensity discharge (HID-S) that emitted their light shining in a way wider than the Lexus LS, in-dash 6-disc CD/MP3 compatible, panoramic glass roof with adjustable LED lighting mood, trim exterior sports package, piano black center console panel and change the cover, a 40 GB hard drive navigation system with music server and traffic in real time and the rise of a 710-watt Rockford Fosgate ®-System 9 audio speakers, including a 10 - inch subwoofer dual voice coil Punch Control ®.

Reconfiguration of the 2.0-liter engine

This cross-over applications, the company has tried and true 4B11 aluminum engine block and cylinder head, an innovative MIVEC (Mitsubishi innovative valve timing electronic control), continuously variable valve timing system, and configuration aspirated with the new features, such as resin coated pistons and a camshaft in smoother surface and reduces friction and improve fuel economy. Increased efficiency of the charger and the electric power steering a lot of support on this issue as well.

The Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, this is an improved version of the 4B11 to produce a full 148 hp @ 6000 rpm and 143 Nm of torque at low rpm the 2.0-liter four-4200 configuration. What's more, the majority of engine torque is produced in many of the class of power around 2200 rpm all the way up to just below the red line at 6,500 rpm.

Fuel economy Sportronic CVT gearbox or 5-speed manual

Available on the Mitsubishi Outlander ES Sport and standard on the SE model, Sportronic ® Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) features, design, updates, not only help improve fuel economy and reduce emissions over previous iterations of the Mitsubishi innovative transmission technology, but also to improve the driver feels when manually change via magnesium paddle mounted behind the wheel.

In normal road driving, hours of work for the TVC has been created to provide a good balance between fuel economy and dynamic performance. However, a driver can find a winding road that begs to be driven with more zeal, the CVT is switching to a more aggressive manual sport mode that mimics a 6-speed transmission and improves the responsiveness of the unit hydraulic pulley.
The standard transmission on the Mitsubishi Outlander ES Sport, Mitsubishi smooth gearbox manual 5 speed change has been updated for this new compact crossover vehicle. Shift feel has been improved with the addition of triple synchros for two first and second gears, while the first and last report was modified for better performance and fuel economy.

Electronically controlled 4WD for optimum handling and grip

Taken from the Outlander mid-size, lightweight, electronically controlled 4WD system is an option available in the Outlander Sport SE and saw improvements in the design for assembly of its smaller cousin crossover. The system unit of power transfer (OCT) uses light oil to reduce parasitic resistance and contribute to improving fuel economy, while the distribution of the pair of calibration was improved for all ground conditions ( snow, sand, ice), leading to greater stability.