Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG U.S. Version (2012) [Reviews]

A superb design, maximum efficiency and breakthrough performance: this is the new Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG is all about. The high-end version of the four-door coupe is equipped with the new AMG biturbo V8 engine, with a maximum power of up to 557 hp and 800 Nm of torque and the AMG Speedshift MCT 7 - speed sport. In addition to this, which is the fuel consumption of 28.5 mpg car, an improvement of 32 percent over the previous model (all figures are provisional).

The combination of the AMG sports suspension with a Ride Control system, electronically controlled damping and new front axle, newly developed AMG sports parameter electromechanical steering, and also optional AMG high-performance brake system with ceramic composite, is synonymous with maximum driving dynamics. Visually, Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG impresses with its athletic stance and exterior and interior. The model is the standard specification also includes the performance of the innovative LED headlights high.

"The new CLS63 AMG continues the success story of the previous models, the CLS55 AMG CLS63 AMG and that have delighted our customers around the world since 2004," said Ola Källenius, head of Mercedes-AMG GmbH. "The CLS63 AMG is a unique high performance car - that sets new standards in design, performance and efficiency."

Specially designed "Edition 1" unpainted

There is also limited to a special version of "Edition 1" Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG. Completed a new manganite gray opaque form, "Edition 1" presents a series of specially designed high-quality interior details. By opening the doors, the first spots to capture the attention of the AMG sports seats, "Cortec pearl" in designo leather has a shiny metallic surface. Roofing shingles, A, B and C pillars and awnings are in anthracite Alcantara ®, while the carbon fiber / black piano lacquer inserts to give the AMG interior work. Also make the perfect pair designo leather upholstery, floor mats designo black velvet with designo badge and designo leather insert "Cortec Pearl."

Design and equipment: the athlete's unique - genuine AMG

Typically, exclusive, unique - the design of the new CLS63 AMG can be described in brief. The position occupied by the extraordinary high performance four-door coupe is evident the moment you laid eyes on her. High quality materials, extensive standard equipment and a dynamic atmosphere typical of AMG, the basic elements of the redesigned interior.
Externally, high-end model of the CLS AMG differs from other variants as a consequence of some visual changes. The front view is dominated by the distinctive grille, three-dimensional shape that is very similar to the SLS AMG. The large Mercedes star grille and prominent wing-shaped horizontal slats with chrome trim are just evocative butterfly model. The long hood with its V-shaped contours suggests the powerful package that is here.

AMG front apron is also clearly a powerful, thanks to continued lateral air intakes black grilles - lined with LED daytime running lights - and the central air intake cross-strut in black paint, it makes for a very attractive feature. In addition, the highlight of the front of the high-performance LED headlights. Feature of the AMG front apron with style continues in large wings, an integrated system "twin-turbo V8" logo. Side view - which is defined as an innovative interaction between lines and regions, from side to side, "fall line" and also a large set of arches - will also receive a touch of dynamism courtesy of polished titanium paintings AMG light-alloy wheels with a new triple-spoke. Rays watermark also see a large scale system AMG high performance braking.

The back strongly influenced the Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG is an equal match for the front of the car and side views: profile fascinating AMG rear apron with black diffuser insert also contains the dual outputs of chrome exhaust of the AMG sports exhaust system and rear fog. The wraparound tail lights with LED technology range and two-tone metal insert large stresses are still visual.

The AMG spoiler lip on the boot lid reduces lift harmoniously integrated rear axle of almost 26 percent and improves handling at high speed.

The exceptional quality of interior finishes

Impression of interior door opening is defined in fine quality thread and the effect of "wrapping", which is typical of the CLS: high-power sweeps in an arc on the driver's side door panel and the media through the front door, providing a sense security. Viewers will find the highest quality materials, for example, used a piano black lacquer trim elements. Up to seven layers of paint are applied and polished off the desired glossy finish is achieved. An even finer touch in the optional AMG carbon fiber inserts / black lacquered piano.

The same goes for leather upholstery: the AMG sports seats in nappa leather sports cross stitch designs feature the quality of the surface is very smooth, making the trip for Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG exceptionally pleasant experience. The driver and front passenger are housed in separate, newly developed AMG sports seats with electric adjustment, multi-adjustable seats and memory functions, heated seats and AMG markings. INTERIOR ELEMENTS Everything that comes into contact with the driver has finished in leather. Three skin colors, or black, gray alpaca and almond beige, are available to choose from. Two individual rear seats are designed to meet the front of the AMG sports seats.
The new AMG performance steering wheel with its three-spoke aluminum paddles is a shift, a flat top and bottom as well as handle special form for the fields in perforated leather. Airbag cover a three-dimensional structure is inserted into a metallic element, "Silver Shadow", which is less talked about is an open structure. Twelve multi-function buttons are used to control the functions and infotainment. A special place is of high quality analog clock with the "IWC Ingenieur" design between the central air vents.

Light years: LED lights, high-performance serial

Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG is the first car in the world to offer LED headlights, high performance, which combines elements exciting colors of LED technology - similar to daytime running lights - with the performance, functionality and energy efficiency in Bi-Xenon generation today. Equipped as standard, for the first time, this new Intelligent Light System provides already proven in the Mercedes models fitted with bi-xenon headlamps in combination with LED technology. The headlights, with their 71 LED lights at all, emphasizes the unique aspect of the CLS63 AMG. Light specialists Mercedes-Benz for the first time been able to use technology in LED Highbeam Assist Adaptive, resulting in a whole new level of safety when driving at night.

Unlike the first cars equipped with LED lights, no compromise is needed now in terms of functionality and technology of lighting performance. There are additional arguments for technology-based LED lighting news: the average lifespan of an LED is approximately 10,000 hours, about five times longer than a xenon lamp, and also LED best fit headlights color temperature of daylight. This means that LED lighting is compatible with the normal human perception. Studies have shown that the more the color of artificial light is the light of day, the less pressure there is on the eyes. With a color temperature of 5,500 Kelvin, LED light close to daylight (6500 K) and xenon light (4200 K). LED daytime specific AMG is also presented in two characteristic bands of light integrated into the AMG front apron.

The exterior design inspired by the SLS

When viewed from the front, the new Mercedes CLS63 AMG developer associations with SLS AMG - grille in particular, with his big Mercedes star and wing-shaped horizontal slats, seems to have been inspired by GullWing. The high-end model differs from the AMG CLS other variants with its distinctive hood, a larger screen "biturbo V8" logo apron and a dedicated AMG front cross member with a painted black. Attractive features on the back cover diffuser insert, the AMG spoiler lip on the tailgate, the AMG sports exhaust system with two twin chrome tailpipes, and - who also played at the SLS AMG - rear fog built. AMG style fits perfectly with the silhouette typical CLS, which is mainly characterized by long elegant proportions, the line of side ditches and the line of motorsports as muscular shoulders of the rear axle.