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Indian Mercedes Benz 2011, Models and Prices

Mercedes Benz C Class

Indian Mercedes Benz 2011, Models and Prices | Car Sales | Mercedes Benz is famous for its luxury cars among Indian. Mercedes Benz popularly called Benz is known its brand for wealthy and rich people in India. Owning a Mercedes car is the dream of every Indian. Operations of Mercedes Benz in India include Buses, trucks and cars. is the official website of Mercedes Benz in India. It is having its presence in India for more than 50 years. BMW, Audi and Volvo are the main competitors for Mercedes Benz cars in India.

Mercedes Benz CLS Class

Mercedes Benz in India, car models and prices :

 Mercedes Benz car Model  Type of car Price Range in  India ( Rs. Lakhs)
 C Class  Saloon, estate, coupe 25.75 to 35.90
 CLS Class  4 door coupe 64.30 to 127
 E class  Saloon 40.61 to 59.20
 GL Class  Cross over SUV 68.66 to 73.84
 M Class  SUV ( Sports  Utility Vehicle) 48.82 to 54.97
 S Class  Saloon 85.58 to 99.37
 SL Class  Roadster 98.50 to 247

Mercedes Benz E Class

Mercedes Benz car sales in India have increased by nearly 80% during the year 2010. Mercedes Benz can be able to sell 5,819 cars in India in 2010.

Mercedes Benz GL Class
Mercedes Benz M Class

Activities of Mercedes Benz in India include production of Benz cars locally in India, import of Benz cars into India, research and development of automotive technology and commercial vehicle operation. Mercedes in India has initiated social involvement by engaging it self into bio diesel from Jatropha, automotive education and road safety for children. Presently it is having its dealership, showrooms and service network at more than 30 cities across India. - CAR SALES
Mercedes Benz SL Class

Mercedes Benz S Class

Indian Mercedes Benz 2011, Models and Prices