Thursday, July 14, 2011

Indian Chevrolet Cars 2011 - Upcoming Chevy: Models and Prices


Car Review, Car Sales | Indian Chevrolet Cars 2011 - Upcoming Chevy: Models and Prices | Chevrolet (Chevy) is the car brand owned by GM (General motors). General Motors (GM) is one of the oldest and big car manufacturer in the world. GM is having its presence through out then world. The range of Chevrolet cars includes hatchbacks, sedans, SUV (Sports Utility Vehicles), Luxury sedans. Chevrolet cars use petrol, diesel and LPG gas as fuel.


The prices of Indian Chevrolet/ Chevy/ GM Cars :

Chevrolet car model
Price ( Rs. Lakhs)
3.23 to 3.90
 Beat lpg
3.55 to 4.59
 Aveo UVA
4.08 to 4.89
5.90 to 6.70
7.36 to 9.36
12.04 to 14.45
18.17 to 19.94
6.74 to 10.14

Chevrolet Spark, Beat and Aveo are the hatchback models and are available at a price below Rs.5 lakhs in India. Chevrolet Aveo UVA and Optra are the sedans whereas Chevrolet Cruze is the luxury sedan. Chevrolet Tavera and Captive is the SUV model from General Motors in India. Spark is the cheapest car from Chevrolet. Beat is available with LPG as fuel.


The Chevrolet is having its dealers/ showrooms and service centers at all the major cities across India. GM/ Chevrolet are organizing awards like GIMA (Global Indian Musical Awards) and Apsara awards and are honoring the artists in musical, cinema and film industries.


Awards won by Chevrolet cars in India: Chevrolet captiva has won several awards from Indian magazines and media. Business standard motoring has awarded captiva as the best import car for the year 2009. UTV Auto car has awarded Optiva s the best SUV for the year 2009. - Car Review, Car Sales