Friday, July 15, 2011

Holden Commodore VE Sportwagon SS II (2011)

VE and WM Series II marks the latest versions of the most popular sedans in Australia, wagons, utilities and luxury long-wheelbase vehicles. The new range of Holden has seen a model of refinement that has made a Commodore of the best-selling car for 14 years directly with the introduction of intelligent multimedia technology, fuel economy, and the ability to drive an environmentally friendly bio-ethanol.

VE Series II brings more multimedia features than ever by Commodore allnew infotainment system that provides full Bluetooth ®, USB and line of iPod integration.

Known as the Holden-iQ system is controlled via a smart user-friendly touch screen mounted in the center console - the cornerstone of a refreshed interior design in all models.

Introducing the growth of plug-and-play music and the ability to extract and store up to 15 CDs with built-in flash drive, the system also features an improved navigation satellite in some models, a prerequisite for traffic alerts in real time to help drivers avoid congestion delays.

Smart technology extends the range of engines in the Commodore series II offers further improvements in fuel economy in all models.
Holden frugal 3.0-liter SIDI V6 now generates the economy of 9.1 liters of fuel per 100 km in the official language ADR81/02 test. The improvement of two percent in addition to earning 13 percent of fuel held in September last year, when the spark ignition engine with direct injection technology was introduced in the Commodore range.

3.6-liter SIDI V6 Premium models used to power the Commodore, with an average fuel economy gains of over three percent by the year in which all models of luxury and performance Gen IV V8 powered Holden improve average more than six percent.

In an important step towards creating a cleaner fuel landscape of Australia, Series II customers will be able to handle their cars on bio-ethanol, known in many markets such as E85, a blend containing up to 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline.

Bioethanol is a renewable fuel that can be done in a variety of waste products from the production of wheat and sugar and household trash, even. In Australia today the use of fuel reduces emissions of CO2 life cycle of up to 40 percent compared with gasoline.

First Australian-produced car, the Series II models powered by a 3.0-liter V6 and 6.0 V8 engines will be SIDI flex-fuel capability, so they can run on bioethanol E10, unleaded gasoline, premium, or a combination of range.

Long wheelbase

The long wheelbase luxury car, Series II, Holden has offered to buyers to see two well-defined version of the flagship model Caprice.

The introduction of an updated WM Series Series II in September will mark the debut of Holden Caprice V-Series.

The luxury sports series V designation corresponds to that of other raw Holden and identifies the top model.

Completed assembly is Caprice Series II, which shares the stretched silhouette, the 18-inch alloy wheels and the robust nature of its counterpart.

With this move, Holden Statesman finished his plate in progress.

Smart Technology - Holden-iQ

The Holden-iQ system offers music, telephone and satellite navigation functions for the Series II models in a clear and easy to fix.

The purpose of the system is a fully integrated 6.5-inch full color LCD touch screen mounted multifunction center console of all vehicles across the range of Series II.

It comes with rich color graphics, the display is a reference point for high-end multimedia products such as computers, cell phones and video games, offering a wide range of audio visual features.

Music can be played via an iPod ®, Memory Stick, CD or transfer to your phone wirelessly connected. USB devices plug in iPod, and dedicated grappling inside the center console, and all the playback of music files from compatible devices is controlled by touch screen.

Holden also introduces the iQ-shop "CD, which replaces the mechanical stacker models above with the ability to extract and store up to 15 CDs in an internal flash drive. The system is compatible with CDDA, CD-R, CD -RW, MP3 and WMA. DVD systems, where fitted, are also displayed on the touch screen Holden-iQ.

Bluetooth ® improves the function of driving experience hands-free phone. It synchs address book to a compatible phone and call history shows recent information on the touch screen. Outgoing calls can be made through the contact list or a dedicated touch screen keyboard.

High IQ feature-Holden-navigation system, standard on SS V-Series, Calais V-Series and Caprice models, to produce highly transparent color mapping system, intuitive controls, real-time traffic information, speed information and point functions of interest. Voice guidance is integrated into the car's audio system.

It also has a touch screen keyboard for easier text input easy to map view, and 3D isometric view and turn-by-turn route guidance and audio.
These same models (with the exception of the Ute) touch screen is also a rear view camera display, which is activated when reverse gear is engaged. Strong security feature that will display next to the acoustic radar reversing and show no obstacles directly behind the car.

Redline Edition features include

High-performance Brembo brakes - front brakes with four pistons, two-piece aluminum front calipers 355 mm rotors, pillar ventilated for better cooling and durability.

Forged aluminum wheels - high-strength ten-spoke 19-inch wheels are forged aluminum Exclusive Editions Series V Redline. Ultra high-performance low-profile tires provide excellent traction and handling in wet and dry conditions.

Fe3 Super Suspension of sports performance - the true driver's car set-up. High-performance shock absorbers and stabilizer bars in place more stringent offer excellent road access and control. (SS V-Series sedan and Redline Redline Edition Calais V-Series sedan Edition.)

Chrome window surround (sedan)

Inflator Kit - A kit inflation is the mandatory installation of the SS V Series Ute Redline.

Price - $ 2500 on top of standard vehicles PVP