Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hamann Porsche Cayenne 958 (2011) [Reviews]

New Porsche Cayenne was much easier than its predecessor. The breeding program, Hamann-Motorsport, followed by a new design, but gives a higher profile SUVs at the same time. Body parts of the new car, a great program alloy wheels, exhaust system and a strong sound, Hamann Cayenne (958) will become much more athletic at the same time. Moreover, Hamann offers a diesel model to improve performance.

The Porsche Cayenne sport seems very old, in its original factory condition. But still, the muscles of the body may increase further. Therefore, Hamann adds a front spoiler with additional air intakes and integrated LED light. The bell in the cupola of power and exhaust air is made of lightweight carbon and high strength. The sides of the Cayenne are adorned with newly designed side skirts. Hamann also improves the back of his own invention. A three-part rear spoiler provides space for the sport exhaust system with four ground rings stainless steel tubes.
To fill the wheel houses, Hamann offers a wide range of alloy wheels 23 inches in size. With RACE Design Edition "half round", the client obtains a cross with three-spoke wheel rim star and black edge of the rim mirror finish. The bolts are visible with advanced titanium bolts. UNIQUE DESIGN forged "Half Round" is a piece of black powder coated alloy rims through own design. Otherwise, there are also unique forged "brushed" brushed aluminum design. All wheels above are made of forged technology and are available in complete set with wheels 315/25 R23 tires.

For the Cayenne with original works, air suspension, Hamann offers a wide reduction of about 35 mm front and back.

Exclusively for the Porsche Cayenne Diesel, Hamann offers higher performance with optimized motor control. This increases the performance of 176 kW/240 hp to 202 kW/275 hp at 4000-4400 rpm, while torque increases from 550 to 620 Nm from 2000 to 2250 rpm
To mark the sound of the Porsche Cayenne V6 and V8, Hamann has developed a sports exhaust system that covers the full range of metal catalysts in the sport muffler with four tailpipes.

Hamann enhances the interior aluminum pedals, footrest and an exclusive floor mat with black velvet beads Hamann logo in silver decorative stitching.