Tuesday, July 12, 2011

GMC Granite Concept [Reviews]

Combining aesthetics decidedly urban industrial design with features for young professionals, Granite Concept GMC is the ability to brand the brand in a new direction more progressive. It was unveiled at the 2010 North American International Auto in Detroit.

If launched, the GMC GMC Granite concept would be the lowest ever - but is optimized for the greatest feeling. Its length is filled with 2 feet (0.6 meters) shorter than the new compact crossover of the ground, but has an open interior has been designed for a broad and flexible to the needs of working people. Generous cargo space and a single flipping / folding seats, for example, offers mountain bike fully discharge inside the rear door is closed.

"Granite Concept GMC, has designed a new type of vehicle is the GMC - which could stretch people's ideas about what the GMC can be," said Lisa Hutchinson, product marketing manager for GMC. "We call it" urban utility vehicle "and the goal was to redefine what the name of the GMC could mean a new generation of customers who are looking for, and a bold design and functionality."
As the current line of GMC trucks, SUVs and crossovers, the GMC concept granite offers style and functionality with advanced features, high quality materials and attention to detail. An outdoor industrial influence in combination with a spacious interior that has a precision instruments and technology. The climate system, navigation technologies and entertainment, for example, are seen through an extra-large, the next generation of technology for organic light-emitting diodes, which is more dynamic than the screens used in most conventional vehicles production.

"We believe that the concept of granite GMC as the automotive equivalent of an urban loft apartment," said Dave Lyon, executive director of the North American Interior Design and World Cross-Brand. "The exterior has a distinctly industrial look but the interior is warm and personal. "

Granite will power concept GMC 1.4l turbo, which is part of GM's new family of low-powered, highly efficient four-cylinder engine. E 'equipped with six-speed gearbox.

Industrial-inspired outdoor

A group of young designers based on the preferences of young professionals like themselves who are very sociable and active. They are more likely to make friends at the expense of clubs and clothing when outdoors on weekend trips to transport the wood or to tow a boat. With these requirements in mind, indicating the dimensions of the concept of granite GMC accordingly. Its 103.6-inch (2631 mm) wheelbase is comparable to a Chevrolet Cobalt, but its 161.3-inch (4097 mm) overall length is just a short walk. Its size gives the GMC concept Granite maneuverability, even in the narrow streets.

The length of the granite body concept relatively short GMC is complemented by a very wide, 70.3 inches (1786 mm) and a total height, 60.5 inches (1536 mm). These dimensions create unique proportions that depart radically from conventional minivan, SUV or crossover designs. "The design team uses the best attributes of different segments. SUV, minivan and crossover, and mixed with an elegant and commercial We think this redefines high-end vehicles that we call urban commercial vehicles," said Lyons .

Granite Concept GMC is a four-door, hinged on both sides to open like a group of French doors. There is no pillar between the front and rear doors, so that the concept of granite GMC easier to enter, exit and load bulky objects.

"We have given the concept of Granite GMC but nice bold design that really makes a style statement," says Juho Suh, director of appearance. "The new generation of urban professionals, will produce the look and functionality they need."

In line with the urban theme of the car, outside the Granite Concept GMC is a series of complex, intersecting planes and angles, creating the impression of an industrial machine - an object created by necessity, but admired for accuracy and functional aesthetics.

Fishing grounds that pre-cuts through the door panels, commissioning and behind the doors and cut the center of the door, suggests movement, as a high waistline and side windows taper . A rear spoiler integrated into the roof and extends slightly above the rear window. Other angles and planes from the outside look of metal carefully.

Up front, the design firm GMC grille is framed by headlights that extend back into the wings, suggesting the movement. The headlights and fog lamps are placed on the edges of the front body, and adding to the position to establish the concept of granite GMC. At the rear of the vehicle and the angles of the planes are very short, showing great attention to detail. Other external factors taillights important aspect of multiple layers of technology and LED lighting and an escape with a peak centered on polished metal.

There is no chrome on the outside of the concept GMC Granite, all trim has a satin finish or brushed metal, emphasizing the industrial aspect. Large, 20-inch wheels - wrapped in Bridgestone tires - was tailor-made inside the wheel arch to a lower position in sport. The exterior color of the concept GMC Granite is metallic gray that evokes the look of the material that this concept has been appointed.

Mechanical mind, functional interior

The interior is inspired by the design of aircraft, type of mechanical equipment and precision tools. This is most evident in the dashboard and instrument panel with indicators were modeled well made watches. Compass in the "barrel" around the speedometer moves at each turn in the vehicle, which offers a glance of directional amplification. "Our goal was not to hide, but to show how this vehicle is mounted, and the high quality of its craftsmanship is not, unlike some of the industry's most luxurious pieces of inspiration time," said Lyons.

Indicators of bright red, when the panel organic light emitting diode display is based vehicle navigation, entertainment, telephone and air readings. Show represents the next generation of vehicle information display, bright, multi-dimensional readings and intuitive controls that allow the concept GMC Granite, a modern twist.

Integrated concept GMC Granite is unmistakable clues, like the wing center console similar to the GMC because the new GMC Terrain. Prominent center console operates the front and rear seats, with the ports connected to the popular portable electronic devices and storage can fit a laptop.
The center console also houses a unique shifter transmission. Instead, the handle, which activates in the tradition of the gate, it is a simple and compact knob that rotates the exact torque wrench clicks. Choices run down through the LEDs.

Among the most functional concept GMC Granite is reconfigurable seats. The front passenger seat and right rear seats flip and fold up towards the central console, creating a long free storage. Concept GMC Granite functionally for young professionals and their work without compromise.

The cargo area includes a number of compartments to keep items out of sight. Bunker provisions are included in the cargo area and seatback, locks that can be used when seats are upright or folded to help secure the load.
The concept of granite inside the GMC is finished with dark colors on the bottom and filling the lighter colors on top, including Nubuck suede material on the seats and dashboard. The interior is accentuated by the setting satin anodised. The dashboard gives the impression of a control console, and driver-focused instruments and controls in a panel anodized.

"They look, feel and functionality of the dashboard to remind you of a good tool or a tool," said Lyon. "Yes, Granite Concept GMC is such - a precision instrument wrapped in a protective case industry."