Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport [Reviews]

Great celebration of the automotive world is held annually in Monterey, California. In 2009, he saw some of the vehicles most elegant, luxurious and valuable ever produced in over 100 years of motoring and the Bugatti play a significant role. The night before the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, the highlight of the event brand, known for impeccable Automotive Solutions, aesthetics and driving dynamics The second model was unveiled to the world - a unique removable roof the new Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport.

In response to customer demand, significant changes were made to the vehicle's complex structure to make possible open-top driving, thereby adding a new dimension to this high-performance sports car. Incorporating a number of safety features and equipment new and innovative roadster is the fastest and most exciting in the world. It is immediately recognizable as a result of slightly higher windscreen, stylized daytime running lights, and lightweight transparent polycarbonate roof.

The biggest challenge in developing the new Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport with removable roof resulted from the unique structure of the fixed-roof Bugatti Veyron. Optimum combination of rigidity and lightweight engineering ensures the monocoque passenger cell of the original model is extremely strong while weighing an absolute minimum - it is central to the vehicle structure. When the roof is an integral part of this, it meant the removal of the load paths had to be completely redesigned to maintain the rigidity of the car crash, and provide additional protection against side impacts and rolling.

As a result, the monocoque structure has been reinforced around the side skirts and transmission tunnel. The B-pillars have been con-rigid with a base of carbon fiber, and a central carbon plate has been placed under the transmission tunnel to secure the vehicle flex less than any other roadster of torque.

The doors of the new Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport are made of carbon fiber, and the house of an integrated longitudinal beam.

In the case of an accident, the transfer of charge from A to B-pillar, thereby spreading the impact energy. In addition, the two redesigned air intakes for the 16-cylinder mid-engine now has 10 cm wide, carbon fiber elements provide protection when deployed car.
With moisture-resistant, leather backstitched, has a range of new equipment features has been added to the interior, including a camera with 2.7-inch screen in the rearview mirror, and the system "Puccini" sound with digital signal processor.

When the roof is closed, the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport can reach 407 kmh, while speeds of up to 360 km / h are possible with the roof. In case of rain, an innovative folding roof stored in the trunk can be opened like an umbrella at any time. When this folding roof is in place, the car can travel up to 130 km / h.

Compiled by the hand of the company's headquarters in Molsheim, Alsace, the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport will be available from March 2009 at a cost of 1.4 million euros (excluding VAT). Only 150 copies will be made with the first 50 of these going exclusively to registered Bugatti customers. The first vehicle is certain to be highly sought after, and Bugatti has decided to donate this specific car to charity. It will be sold to the highest bidder at the auction at Pebble Beach presented by Gooding & Company.