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All New Honda Jazz manual and automatic cars models in Indonesia, prices, features and specifications

All New Honda Jazz manual and automatic cars models in Indonesia, prices, features and specifications | Car Sales | The market for hatchback models has an increasing in Indonesia. Honda Jazz is one of the models that has a success in the market of hatchback cars in Indonesia. Its cute and interesting appearance has attracted many consumers who want a practical and versatile car, particularly to who needs cars that suitable for driving in big cities in Indonesia that are always busy and well known for its traffic jammed. 

Various features offered by Honda Jazz make car buyers deciding to choose this hatchback, such as fuel economy, better safety features, sedan featured, small sized, easy to park, and its affordable price are the main reasons for Honda Jazz as a choice for consumers.

All New Jazz RS Manual Hellios Yellow Pearl

As a market leader in the class of 1500 cc sedan hatchback Honda Jazz with its flagship product, PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) as a single agent of the Honda brand, it is not difficult to maintain its achievements. Even with its newest product, the All New Honda Jazz just did not seem to find it difficult to increase sales in this year. For two strong competitors, have no flagship product to rival it.

As PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) has been doing "spec down" to overtake the Jazz (old version) is also not strong. Unless TAM includes Auris that the exterior design is more sweet. Something similar to the lower spec also been conducted by PT Indomobil Niaga International (IMNI) against Swift CKD. Even the features and technology devices - such as brake - the sedan that has embraced the four disc system. Then there is another one, the Chevrolet Aveo 1500 cc engine, but GM Astra World Indonesia (GMAWI) was targeted below 500 units per month.

All New Honda Jazz Automatic

Features and specifications of All New Honda Jazz :

The All New Honda Jazz to be launched by Honda Prospect Motor is little bit long and wide. But the length will be less and the height is reduced (Length 3.900 mm, Width 1.695 mm, Height 1.525 mm). Ground clearance is being increased (Wheelbase 2.500 mm). Better interiors, quality dashboard with digital fitting for meter readings, beautiful tail lamp with LED lamps are the changes with the All New Honda Jazz. The new All New Honda Jazz may come with 15” or 16” tyre. The new All New Honda Jazz is powered by VDA 384 / 1321 cc engine. Other significant feature  of All New Honda Jazz is Stereoscopic Meter Cluster that modern impressed with the LCD display on the speedometer with the functions:
  • Trip : to measure the distance between the start point to the endpoint
  • Average Fuel Cumsumption : to measure the average fuel use
  • Bar Graph : fuel consumption display with graphics
  • Range : determine the approximate distance that can still be reached by the rest of the remaining fuel in the tank.
All New Honda Jazz RS Automatic

Prices of All New Honda Jazz Models in Indonesia:

All New Honda Jazz Car Models
Prices in Indonesia (Rupiahs)
  All New Jazz Manual 196.000.000
  All New Jazz Automatic 206.000.000
  All New Jazz RS Manual 211.500.000
  All New Jazz RS Automatic 221.500.000

All New Honda Jazz manual and automatic cars models in Indonesia, prices, features and specifications