Monday, June 20, 2011

Toyota Yaris HSD Concept -reviews

Making its world preview at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, Toyota Yaris HSD expression of the concept of what is an important step in Toyota's hybrid approach full deployment in Europe.

Toyota aims to complete a full application of hybrid technology in all its main models in Europe since 2020. After the success Auris HSD is a C-segment in 2010, the Toyota Yaris Toyota HSD concept anticipates the intention of Hybrid Synergy Drive ® B segment, the largest number of segments in Europe.

The current growth of the segment B is only part of a remarkable change in public demand for the automotive industry. Customers are becoming less brand loyal. They are less likely to buy energy, and more attracted by entry-level niche or high-end models. They demonstrate receptivity to new technologies, increasingly in the context of the driving experience.

There is also a significant increase in the number of customers claiming that type of main engine acquisition cost. Hybrid technology has reached parity Powertrain enough in the public perception that it is now a clear alternative to diesel or gasoline.

Number of customers who choose Hybrid Drive for the next vehicle is constantly growing and has doubled in the last two years. This creates a gateway for Toyota: Hybrid connoisseurs are three times more likely to consider Toyota to conventional petrol and diesel customers.

Toyota has shown, the Hybrid Synergy Drive ® technology to demanding customers who expect urban targets a new engine and ownership experience of your car. The combination of low fuel consumption, emissions and cost of ownership only with a more relaxed and calm, HSD shows that the pleasure of driving should not be compromised by environmental responsibility and low operating costs.

Auris HSD among the first customers, citing the most relaxed, driving experience participation and learning new driving habits that the most rewarding part of their new cars three.

The exterior design - a design approach to the model of the Yaris range Next

The Toyota Yaris HSD concept inherits all the smart DNA Yaris, offering customers a combination of clever packaging segment B small and compact and a spacious interior and practical, while introducing a new style more advanced and sophisticated exterior.

Flanked by high-profile headlights, opening the top shelf is shallow and promotes air flow smoothly over the upper body. And the Toyota logo is fully integrated into the bonnet leading edge, adding to its elegant articulation point.

Profile, Toyota Yaris HSD concept of single size elegant form, to emphasize a long, sweeping roofline and a single, sharp light on the edge of which runs smoothly through the car. Short front and rear overhangs and long wheelbase to maximize the accommodation of passengers and luggage on board.

Several elements of style to identify specific hybrid Toyota Yaris HSD concept as a model derived from Toyota full hybrid.

Air turbulence is minimized by the lights of a flat, vertical "Aero" over housing and matching front fog reflectors on the rear, a large integrated rear spoiler, underbody covers overall and 18 "wheels offer aerodynamic vents increased air flow cooling better. Even door handles and rear side-view cameras have been carefully designed for the most aerodynamically efficient.

A car crashed into the show, the pearl white paint is unique in concept Toyota Yaris HSD. We present a further development of this remarkable finish, with color provided by the bright metallic blue accents. Require specialized techniques for multi-layer application, this application-specific hybrid brings a sense of extraordinary depth and quality of finish paint.

The presence of the Hybrid Synergy Drive ® is underlined through the blue Toyota hybrid badges, LED daytime running lights, and "synergy" to highlight the bright blue, and surrounded by the outside mirrors and door handles.

HSD - Presentation of the benefits of hybrid technology with full segment B

Energy efficiency and low CO2 emissions and the main models. And other improvements in the efficiency of the Hybrid Synergy Drive ® will continue to provide fuel consumption and emissions highly competitive.

His unique ability to provide all electric driving, HSD is particularly effective in an urban environment. All-electric mode, the system not only produces CO2 emissions, but also a zero NOx and particulate matter (PM) emissions.

Each full-hybrid technology Toyota offers as low as possible. Higher fuel consumption and low emissions of CO2 to bring the tax incentives in some countries, inner-city congestion charge exemptions and the exceptionally low running costs.

In addition, the Hybrid Synergy Drive ® has been designed for minimal maintenance and exceptional durability. The full hybrid powertrain is not a conventional starter motor and alternator. The engine uses a maintenance of the distribution chain and has no belts, improving reliability and put the extra savings.

Toyota engineers reflects the ongoing analysis of performance of the hybrid system using solar energy, solar panels have been applied to the entire roof of the Toyota Yaris HSD concept. This technical solution to the stand alone air conditioners for improved full-hybrid fuel economy powertrain.

Reduction HSD powertrain - Engineering Challenge

Overview of Hybrid B-segment Toyota introduced several unique engineering challenges. The new engine design must be optimized for a compact installation in vehicle design packaging, extremely efficient without compromising quality and performance of the system, or living space for passengers and cargo.

This comprehensive approach to technology is crucial HSD repackaging to meet the growing demand for vehicles in urban family based on performance without compromising either domestic or hybrid.

European production - the introduction of full hybrid technology from Toyota Motor Manufacturing France (TMMF)

The production model, following the concept Toyota Yaris HSD will be released in Europe in the second half of 2012. Committed to the highest standards of build quality, Toyota has established the new full hybrid will be produced at the plant in Valenciennes, Toyota Motor Manufacturing France.

Full hybrid technology will be a growing part of the production of the dominant car in Europe. With the Auris HSD already in production at the Burnaston plant in England, will be the only car maker Toyota to produce hybrid cars from more than one plant in Europe.