Monday, June 27, 2011

Peugeot 308 SW (2012) [Reviews]

The new Peugeot 308 has a new look, an innovative e-HDi micro-hybrid technology to optimize fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, which start at just 98 g / km.

With new lines, including the latest stylistic codes Peugeot 308 Brand subtly. Body follows the mechanical assembly below. The appeal of the three body types (sedan, the CC and SW) to acquire more high-tech elegance, describes the presence of LED headlights, with the fiber optic cable. Dynamism and emotions are always present in 308 genes, in particular the assertive aspect of the new bi-xenon headlamps with titanium-colored grille and exclusive fastback goal of the GTI.

They decided to consolidate its leading position in terms of traction and driving pleasure, the Peugeot 308 will become a landmark in terms of environmental efficiency. In fact, following in the footsteps and, 508 Peugeot 308 is equipped with an innovative-and micro-hybrid HDi technology, the latest generation Stop & Start, a 1.6-liter HDi FAP Euro 5 112 hp ®. This offer, the engine "base", is available as a semi-automatic and manual transmission, for the first time, and a fully manual transmission, for optimum driveability.


Designers worked hard to maximize interior volume is released semi-high architecture of the Peugeot 308 So they designed a special panel end inclined windscreen pillars nearly symmetrical, providing a barrier to visibility outside.

It 'was also marked determination to give the interior a very exclusive and a greater sense of perceived quality. The end result is a panel of smooth, clean and elegant, with pride of place given the overwhelming material, according to Finish: soft cover, leather seats, chrome, black lacquer material ... Therapeutic target and attention to passenger comfort are given to every detail. Depending on the level of the range, the new models adorn the door panel strips, panels, frames, thumb resting on the steering wheel, seats, etc. Similarly, a special version of the GTI is a labeling system visible red stitching on the back and a special Driving wheel aluminum ring shows the word "GTi". Rear privacy glass, in combination with dark circles (Storm Grey) and a mask in titanium high-intensity discharge lamps, give this version a sporty and robust identity is perfectly in line with the dynamic potential of the 1.6 liter THP 200 bhp.

Inside the 308 CC, the eye is connected to the elegance of 4 seats with integrated headrests, and the possibility of full leather interior is the dashboard of different shades, which mediate the image Touring Car. This distinctive design will make it even more comfortable seats Airwave hot air from the diffuser at the rear of the front of the neck. Pleasure driving open is thus increased.

The spacious and bright MPARTMENT PASSENGER CO

The cabin is designed to ensure that the sense of space and light that dominates, so that residents feel they do not want their journey to end.

Internal dimensions and the efforts of designers to free up as much space as possible to passenger comfort a 308 spacious car in its class.
Elbow room at the front is 1464 mm for the hatchback and SW body shape, and increases to 1492 mm for version Coupé Cabriolet. Behind these dimensions, respectively 1471 mm and 1321 mm for the CC. The sense of space is even more noticeable because of the many clever storage available inside the Peugeot 308 Total storage capacity is 42 liters, which makes life inside the light vehicle and preserve the space for residents.

The seven passengers traveling on the 308 SW, with the additional option of two rear seats can enjoy these spaces equipped. They can also adapt and adjust inside the car if necessary, to choose individual seats in row 2. Neither the volume of the trunk has been ignored, with a capacity of 674 liters under the tray SW and 430 liters for the sedan. With the potential to operate at maximum load capacity is 2149 liters and 1398, respectively.

In CC, all four passengers have access to a trunk capacity of large (465 liters) in coupé configuration. On convertibles, the retractable roof stored in the luggage compartment still has a trunk capacity of 266 liters. Moreover, it only takes 20 seconds to convert the 308 CC coupe-cabriolet dynamic or elegant.

The passengers in the Peugeot 308 saloon and SW will also enjoy a "sun" with the panoramic ceilings available for these forms of body. Increasing the total glass area of ​​4.86 m² 5.58 m² and the sedan in the SW. The light level inside the car can be adjusted by means of a shutter control device associated with this equipment.

To make the journey more enjoyable, the dual-zone automatic climate control is available. With its carbon filter, it also reduces hydrocarbon odor in the cockpit.
Finally, passengers can enjoy high quality audio, and telematics. WIP Sound audio system, Bluetooth hands-free, satellite navigation and Nav WIP WIP Com 3D retractable 7 "16 / 9 color screen JBL Hi-Fi is available and can be combined with laminated side windows to optimize the acoustic performance.

Regardless of body shape, the new 308 offers a high level of comfort and convenience.

1.6 liter HDI e-FA P 112 BHP ENGINE

You can install this technology on a large scale, the new Peugeot 308 HDI proposes an e-engine technology with the "base", 1.6-liter HDi FAP 112 bhp ®, which can be connected to two gearboxes (manual or electronicallycontrolled). This is the first, because so far, the e-HDI technology could be used only BVMP6 electronically controlled transmissions. This new offering with the addition of steps to maximize the driving pleasure of driving "in silence". When combined with a manual gearbox, the engine cut-out is possible at a speed of 20 km / h.