Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nissan Quest (2011) [Reviews]

The all-new fourth-generation Nissan Quest, which is set to go on sale at Nissan dealers country in early 2011, is about to take the toughest jobs in the world: parenting. More than just a new Quest is a brand new take on the minivan - with a bold style, a complete list of the family of innovations and amenities a family can enjoy together. Electric sliding doors with one-touch, quick-release fold-flat, an advanced control system of the climate, front and rear, storage to name a few, give the Nissan Quest and innovation to enable the impossible on a daily basis. Just as parents do.

"The new Nissan Quest," not "parenting While minivans are one of the maligned symbols of adulthood, where some consider them to free the young and fun, Nissan sees a mini-bus for the celebration of family life not only -. for mothers on weekdays, but the fun times for the whole family on weekends, "said Al Castignetti, vice president and general manager, Nissan Division, Nissan North America, Inc." We are rewarding Quest for parents to do just that - Parenting ".
Designed for the purpose in and out, 2011 Quest offers features unique styling and comfort for all passengers. "Even if you can not promise to make it easier to parents, children behave or better, the new Nissan Quest, a parent can make life a little 'less chaotic," said Castignetti.

Among the new Nissan Quest is available "Innovation for the family" design features are:

Elegant design, modern, foreign and domestic, which offers a new approach to mini-bus segment - including the "fluid sculpture" of the body with a glass surround care

One-touch power sliding side door that can be easily opened and open at the touch of a button, even if the hands and arms full of food

Moonroofs double opening glass (two), which offers a refreshing winds of the front and rear passengers in the open

2nd row power windows

Standard quick-release fold-flat second and third rows to a flat load floor and third row available power rear folder

Quick Comfort heated front seats with advanced design staged heating

Removable 2nd row console with cup holders and lid

Always available to large, covered back well from a permanent memory
Advanced Systems Climate Control (ACC), an intelligent system with a cluster of HVAC Plasma ™ air purifier, filter and grape polyphenols Auto Recycling

Blind Spot Warning (BSW) systems and Reversing Mirror Monitor

Conversation mirror, which helps increase the visibility and debate with children 2 and 3 °

Second and third standard number of theater seats with the rear large color display available 11-inch and automatic headlights

Maneuverability with a tight turning radius, and the triangle in front of more visibility for Windows

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Tire alert easy to fill, which alerts you when inflation reaches correct
"This new dimension of multi-purpose vehicle has been designed to provide intelligent priorities, which meets the traditional, often child-centric demands of everyday life, but also the emotional aspects of personal style, driving pleasure and an unforgettable holiday with your family "said Castignetti. "It 'was designed to mirror a multi-purpose comfort and warmth at home" great room "and you can take the road".

Innovative features

The all-new 2011 Nissan Quest "innovative actions" will be shown to be the basis of Nissan's advanced "D-platform", which is also used in the current Nissan Maxima and Altima sedans and the popular Murano crossover SUV. With a long 118.1-inch step and 200.8-inch overall length, the Nissan Quest, and offers a roomy interior dimensions and a very agile.

Nissan Quest exterior design combines the sculptural elements in the liquid up to provide details of the new approach mini-bus design. In front, a horizontal grille and bold headlights and bumpers blend the dramatic side of the light at the edges and stuffed a distinctive wheel wheels standard 16 inches or 18 inches. Parts of Port brave and surfaces flow seamlessly into the back of the 'boomerang' tail lights and tailgate finisher, will help to create a look as if Nissan Quest, was carved from a single piece of stone sculpture.

The most striking design new Quest, however, is the full rear privacy glass, molding black frame and chrome accents that combine with the range, the low position and the front to give the muscular Nissan Quest and the most dynamic and distinctive look of the class. Nissan Quest exterior design is also one of the most effective in the wind, with a Cd of 0.32 for the model S Quest.

In addition to standard chrome door handles, chrome rear roof spoiler and the final enrollment, available features include external high-intensity discharge (HID) xenon automatic on / off headlights, fog lights, dual power and heated exterior mirrors heating. Nissan Quest also offers small triangular windows in the front doors to help improve visibility. Available Nissan Quest SL and LE are double opening glass sunroof that contribute to the feeling of space open and airy interior search for all passengers.

The new Nissan Quest is offered by the power function block sliding side door, and selective and one-touch open / open capabilities and be able to open the windows. The system works with the standard Nissan Intelligent Key ™. In addition, because of the way in which the Nissan Quest and the door to the rail system was designed with sliding door with a step-height is less than competing minivans. This is particularly useful for young children or elderly people getting in 2 or 3 floors. In addition, one touch unlock / open Power Division of the back of the product is standard on LE models Quest SL.

"The door to a key service is ideal for many times during the day when you are approaching the car with both hands full. As part of the I-key, there is no fumbling with the key fob to lock the door, not having to put your packages down or let go the hand of a child to open - just press the button on the handle and the Nissan Quest takes care of the rest, "said Castignetti.

Easy to use easy to carry over into interior design with quick-release folding two three rows of seats. 60/40-split third-row seats can be moved vertically folding a simple pull of a strap (Quest S and SV), or by pressing a key (Quest SL and LE). 3 LE model also includes the line power is restored. In the spring bend to help AIDS manual and return to activity. 2. row seats also easy-fold/return activities, and is a standard 2-floor walk-in device 3 floors more easily.

Nissan Quest rear storage permanent and offers a large flexible space behind the third row of seats, offering additional cargo space hidden for bulky items. The storage area is independent of the fold flat third row seat - so it is always there when you need it - and is covered with a light but durable multi-position removable 60-40.

"In real-world use, it is necessary to explain the element of spontaneity - a moment, let children practice sports, the next you suddenly go from store to store to pick up cases of drinks and snacks The new Nissan Quest and the transition to a passenger in the vehicle and load not by removing bulky back easily and 3 .. 2nd row seats, there is no need to move items from storage to fit the place, and does not need to plan activities around the composition of the interior of your car, in particular day, "said Castignetti.
Interior features comfort and convenience are also designed for flexibility and functionality. Driver's seat is a 6-lane design manual adjustment for models S and SV, and 8-way power adjustment for levels of SL and LE trim. The passenger seat is adjustable in 4 of the S, SW, and SL and 4-way power on LE. Rich fabric upholstery is standard on the S and SV, while the leather seats standard on SL and LE. THE Nissan Quest also has a 2-driver memory, automatic entry / exit system.

Unique features include Nissan Quest chair a special "trilaminar" structure that uses three types of pillows to distribute body pressure more evenly than traditional pads, and the first application of Nissan's new rapid heating of the front seat comfort (SL and LE). When activated, this sophisticated system immediately starts heating the body parts that are most sensitive to heat, such as thighs and hips. Thus, to maintain a warm and comfortable, the heating increases heat on the pressure points of the body.

Nissan Quest interior theater style with the elevation of the occupants of the second row and the third provides excellent visibility and a good view of the available 11-inch WVGA monitor the family entertainment system display. The captain of the second row seats are comfortable, Chair armrests double tilt style forward / aft adjustment, while the third row 60/40 split bench includes tilt and 3-way adjustable headrest. A total of six cup holders and bottle six to two for each of the three rows - are standard, with four arches and two doses of 12 volts DC. Twice the central console provides flexible storage before, like the removable second row console. A front overhead console is standard on SL and LE.

Nissan Quest instrument panel includes a large 4.3-inch audio display SV and SL models with 8-inch touch screen LE, standard on the Nissan navigation system. Hard drive navigation system includes a user-friendly graphical user interface, menu structure and intelligent search capabilities, 9.3 GB Music Box ® hard drive, XM NavTraffic ® real-time traffic information, XM NavWeather ™ (XM ® subscription required, sold separately), and Zagat Survey ® restaurant guide.

One of the innovative and certainly appreciate the new technology is the Nissan Quest, the standard advanced climate control systems (ACC) with the plasma cluster air purifier ™, Grape polyphenols filter and control the automatic cycle. The system works in three ways to help reduce allergens and unpleasant odors inside the cab of Quest. The assumption of automatic control to use the sensors to continuously monitor the smells outside and closes automatically to prevent access to the port in the flow of exhaust gases or other unpleasant odors inside. After that, returns the flow of fresh air automatically when the odor is gone.

The ACCS also uses a filter of grape polyphenols to help reduce the number of allergens harmful indoor air. Finally, an advanced Plasmacluster ™ ion purifier generates a "clean" the air inside smells - from outside or inside the vehicle.

Nissan Quest, SV, SL and LE models, tri-zone automatic temperature control, while the Quest S models, the manual temperature control. Range of audio systems are also available at the Nissan Quest and the S model system AM/FM/6CD four speakers. Bose ® Premium Audio system, AM / FM / CD / DVD / Flash memory, 13 speakers (including two subwoofers), and XM ® Satellite Radio (XM ® must be ordered separately, sold separately) is standard on Quest, LE Quest is available in SL. USB port for iPod ® connectivity is standard on the SV models and above.

Another element Nissan Quest helps parents create a connection with the passengers in the mirror of conversation back seat. Available SW, SL and LE models, the great mirror compact and flips down the area around the mirror (which replaces the holder of sunglasses) that gives the driver's extra practice and communication with children in the second and third rows, without turning his head or constantly adjust the rearview mirror.

A monitor back, which provides a view of objects behind the Nissan Quest when the gear selector is in reverse, is standard on SV, SL and LE.

"Little things, that the mirror is more, a smaller bus service or just the smell of fresh air can affect the daily operation of the vehicle - how you feel when you drive and how you feel when you arrive," he Castignetti said. "Our engineers have created almost everything that a parent may need a mini bus, but also fun."