Sunday, June 26, 2011

McLaren MP4-12C GT3 (2011) [Review]

McLaren GT, a manufacturer of new car racing, which brings together the expertise of McLaren Racing, McLaren Automotive and CRS Racing unveiled the McLaren MP4-12C GT3 race car and plans for a development program in 2011.

The new McLaren MP4-12C GT3 is the car of McLaren initially built for racing series and the FIA ​​GT McLaren F1 GTR in 1997 ended production. The 12C GT3 is based on the new MP4-12C high performance sports and a team of engineers, designers and test pilots with extensive experience in Formula 1 and GT race met to carry out the process of adaptation chassis based on the specifications of carbon 12C of the race.

Martin Whitmarsh, McLaren Group CEO, said. "McLaren are racing in his blood, and it was a natural step to take for our MP4-12C, the way the car and make it the most reliable, efficient and easy to drive a car every grid GT3 car is its performance is balanced by the rules match, so our goal is to choose a specific technique that ensures no driver will be able to use the performance limits of 12C GT3 with ease .

"We worked with CRS Racing 12C to ensure the design and development is possible near one of the recruit in the development of the McLaren Formula 1 Racing. CRS team is well qualified to shape decisions in this area, because they have a good record of self GT3 race, and to understand what is needed to succeed that the level of motor sport competition.

"Meanwhile, McLaren Racing is able to offer new levels of technology for GT3 racing. No other car in GT3 in 2012 will come with a carbon road car frame, or a steering wheel and related technologies in a car Formula 1.

"The GT3 will MonoCell carbon 12C and 12C wheel same design used by Lewis Hamilton in the MP4-24 Formula 1 car also work closely with the supplier in Formula 1 the past and the present. Akebono, Mobil 1, McLaren Electronic Systems, Ricardo and Michelin, for example. This combination of street car and Formula 1 technology and experience will be a great advantage for anyone to 12C GT3 race in 2012. "

Formula 1 simulator prepares the new GT3 12C to its track debut

On March 4, almost 30 years the day when coal-based racing car in the first place, the McLaren MP4 / 1 was shaken at Silverstone (March 5, 1981), 12C GT3 also debuted at the British circuit.

A week later it took to Circuito de Navarra in Spain in his first test circuit FIA. They shake down and test sessions following several months of tests on simulated versions ofextensive international racing circuits, including Silverstone Circuit de Catalunya and Paul Ricard. In simulated tests, McLaren able to resolve the fine calibration engine, power steering, spring rates, weight distribution, transmission and differential settings GT.

Mark Williams, Director of Vehicle Engineering at McLaren Racing, said: "The new GT3 12C was originally developed in the simulator, where you could fully explore the parameter space before the power, weight and support objectives using Fluid Dynamics Computer (. CFD) to develop the aerodynamic configuration and then tested the card in various forms in the McLaren simulator, in conjunction with McLaren Automotive simulation set the vehicle in place and access to the pleasure of driving the results. Being able to examine our aero package and configuration of the car with a simulator developed for Formula 1 before starting the first track is unique. No other car in GT3 is specified with this level of technology. "

After the cleaning session in Spanish, said manager Andrew Kirkaldy and CRS Racing team McLaren GT Project Manager: "The performance of the car in Navarre was evidence of the work we have done in the McLaren simulator by choosing the right set-up the car. virtual and real versions of 12C GT3 felt almost identical.

"The new body panels and aerodynamic features designed to 12C GT3 of exceptional quality and significantly increase the car's dynamic performance. This level of quality can be achieved through a design and FE analysis to know the best way to implement the fiber carbon. McLaren has this wealth of knowledge.

A new aerodynamic package made entirely of carbon fiber was developed by McLaren Racing in accordance with regulations that include a GT3 front splitter new leaf, rear wing, diffuser and gills in the wings.

In partnership with McLaren Applied Technologies, GT McLaren plans to offer its customers the opportunity to develop their GT3 12C with tailor-made programs in the McLaren simulator. Chris Goodwin said: "The simulator is a huge competitive advantage to compete with McLaren in the development of its Formula 1 cars and McLaren Automotive to develop its future range of sports cars.

"We recognize that the teams racing 12C GT3 next year will be ahead of the competition if they are able to use tailor-made McLaren a simulation program for the course of the race. We will communicate the details of the simulation program available in GT3 owners and 12C other potential customers by the end of the year. "

The McLaren MP4-12C: The essence of a racing car

Racing experience and development has played a central role in clarifying 12C GT3 for its 2011 racing program. But before the race to the competitive network, McLaren, in the form of McLaren Automotive set out to develop a high performance car that sets new standards for speed, handling, performance, braking and driving performance: formed by an obsession with purity and light aerodynamic construction. Assets and goals that make the McLaren MP4-12C a road car base for developing a race car GT-winner.

When the plans were agreed at 12C, Racing, key members of the McLaren Automotive and design teams were eager to support this is a natural step for McLaren.

Vinnell Mark, program director of McLaren Automotive, said: "It was an obvious decision to take the race 12C in the early stages of vehicle development, we were the integration of key members of McLaren Racing Team Road developing the car, and this mixture of experience and professionalism. skills, combined with a "can-do" attitude and desire to grow, what is technically possible, has led to both a main road and drive a race car unique. At the McLaren Technology Centre headquartered we exceed McLaren F1 GTR that won Le Mans in '95 every day of the race. has changed and we have no intention of developing a McLaren to win Le Mans again directly, but the number 59 car is truly inspiring all of us. "

Frank Stephenson, McLaren Automotive Design Director, said: "Conceptually, 12C road car and the car McLaren way of the future are" easy "to automotive design We are in the form that is influenced by the aerodynamic efficiency, and this excludes the disputes on the style of the body or unnecessary details, which can be easily. Become dated fashions change Our design team is passionate about designing cars that tell what happens under the skin and remain relevant:. We are a design office in heart, and we must not lose view of this fact that is the reason to support the GT3 car is a great project to work on:. the car needs more air to breathe and needs even more downforce hug the track. But it is also to accelerate the wrist as goes about its business. GT3 car becomes truly the heartbeat! "

In McLaren orange peel, split mono frame cells "12C GT3 same 75 kg of carbon road car as 12C. Since the modern McLaren was formed in 1981, the company only used carbon fiber for the chassis design all roads and shopping: it was a natural choice for the heart of the MP4-12C. Lightweight design and manufacturing innovation with Resin Transfer Moulding is a priority for the engineers and designers responsible for chassis 12C. The result is a road car, at 1301 kg, the lightest in the "core" sector of high performance car market.

Andrew Kirkaldy, said: "I think the MP4-12C is an engineering marvel and it starts with a carbon chassis rigid chassis is extremely important for a single cell McLaren racer is unmatched as a safety cell, and our engineers can be sure that any changes .. chassis set will have the desired effect because of its structural rigidity and predictability.
"The 12C is the first road car I drive on a track and was really overwhelmed by their dynamic performance. We had to design certain aspects of our race car spec GT3, but I can not think of a better place to start the new 12C. "

Specification and performance reflects the expectations of McLaren

As a road car with 12C, McLaren is working closely with suppliers to deliver an innovative and easy drive. Engine 'M838T' The 3.8-liter V8 bi-turbo comes to McLaren in the way the car also has the GT3 12C, but de-tuned to 500 hp (600 hp) to give optimal performance for the race car Performance balanced.

The new McLaren MP4-12C GT3 offers a unique calibration engine, gearbox racing custom developed in collaboration with Ricardo (who also developed the engine McLaren) and suspension arrangement specifically for racing.

Mark Williams said. "When you take a balance between progress GT3 racing tires was necessary to move the center of gravity forward and the only way to do this was to reduce the weight back a six-speed sequential shift gears, Ricardo has been chosen because the breed-specific transmission is 80 kg lighter than the transition seamless, seven gears are used on the road with the car. All internal components are exposed in a series of other races. Then Ricardo challenged to further reduce weight, which means that the unit is custom closet. This is just one example of how we are continually looking to reduce weight and increase efficiency. "

TAG McLaren chose the GT-400 Engine Control Unit 12C, the new GT3. TAG-400 is a compact, stand-alone engine management system and data logger racing engines was designed and built the McLaren Electronic Systems. Purchase components from suppliers are used to working with partners in Formula 1 is another example of the McLaren GT produces its goal of building a GT3 car of superior quality and reliability.

Williams said: "McLaren GT is a small organization of McLaren Racing, but applies the methodology of Formula 1 in all possible areas.

"We worked with Akebono Formula 1 for many years, and I am pleased to call upon a reliable and committed partner of the McLaren GT. Akebono supplies brake calipers, and brake pads also designed a tailor-made for the GT3 12C. My expert McLaren Racing has worked closely with Michelin to develop the right tire model 12C GT3 simulation program. and a strong relationship with suppliers are important in themselves as journalists. I am confident that the Mobil 1 and Ricardo will learn very advanced lubricants 12C transmitting new GT3. "