Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lotus Elise Club Racer (2012) [Reviews]

Anyone under the misconception that the armies of Lotus may deviate from the results in the light only has to do a quick tour of the new 1.6 Club Racer Lotus Elise which is certainly not the case. Lotus engineers to put the brightest light of modern Lotus cars on a diet and managed to take another 24 kg.

So how Lotus have managed to make it one of the lightest on the market even easier? The engineers behind Lotus Elise Club Racer has adopted a stripped-to-the-bare-bones visualized by body-colored squares, but materialized in many ways such as sports car battery light and deletion derivatives of the noise insulation . Attention to detail has ensured that the passion of the Lotus "for performance through light weight have been translated into the car.
For the first time Elise variant is equipped with a framework for Sport DPM (Dynamic Performance Management) allows even less experienced sports car drivers feel at the top of their game, while the ability to completely shut down like standardized follow-oriented drivers. DPM, combined with courtesy agility tuned sport suspension and adjustable anti-roll bar makes the Lotus Elise Lotus Club Racer on the street is equally versatile and fun track.

Wolf Zimmerman, Chief Technology Officer, Lotus Cars, said:. "The traditional approach to reducing and cleaning lotus has led to a spirit and a modern sports car of all, more than 15 years, the Lotus Elise has become an iconic sports car market, carving out a niche with a devoted fan light after The new club racer will surely give to these people. something extra to get their teeth stuck into this car is all fresh -. Elise is fast, raw, sensitive, and a huge amount of fun to drive. "

Quality throughout the vehicle was a priority, component suppliers, as well respected by Eibach springs and Bilstein shock absorbers to ensure that the Lotus Elise Club Racer is a car of substance and style.

Lotus Elise Club Racer pleases the eye and soul with a choice of six distinctive colors (blue, saffron yellow, red hot, Aspen White, Matt Black and Carbon Grey), and the elements of custom design, highlighting the character of the car.