Sunday, June 26, 2011

Koenigsegg Agera R (2012) [Reviews]

At the Geneva Motor Show 2011 Koenigsegg Koenigsegg present the brand new joint R - Faster than lightning! Joint action on the show stand R Koenigsegg - production car No. 83 - Inspired by the legendary theme of Speed ​​Racer, as indicated by the owner of the car. Speed ​​Racers primary color is white - snow then. Equipped with Michelin tires and a special roof box Thule Custom - Speed ​​Racer is ready to attack the ski resorts!

In 2010, Koenigsegg has filed a pre-production version of the Koenigsegg Agera. From pre-production car test mules and many have followed the development program Agera. The pre-production car was driven by Agera influential newspapers of the car, what critics rave and awards, such as becoming the "Top Gear Hypercar the year." Please see attached quote proof readers.

Overall, the production versions to create an experience Koenigsegg Ager to the next level as well as road and track, while maintaining the largest trunk in a single system port and is capable of Koenigsegg hardtop detachable/stow-.

There are several differences between the pre-production car shown earlier, and production versions. For example, the configuration engine and gearbox and some different revolutionary interior, chassis and aerodynamic properties adorn the production version of the Joint Action, which has never been shown before. For more information, read the full press release below.


Ager has designed a minimalist philosophy "less is more" in mind. This philosophy means that the shape of the car is purely functional, with the exception of additional features to attain a purely regulatory, increases safety, ergonomics, functionality and aerodynamics. We believe that if this philosophy is followed, the car is also nice, because it is purely determined. A good analogy is the development of dolphins, who were forced to meet similar criteria to obtain the current configuration through the evolution of nature.

The joint is proportional, compact and muscular. Its timeless shape, powerful and distinctive is really a testament to both. The original form and the concept of the Koenigsegg CC, created 15 years ago are still relevant, fresh and very competitive today. The joint is able to remain faithful to the original philosophy, the shape and size of the original CC. At the same time, it looks, feels and acts like something that belongs in the future.


Koenigsegg is different from other small manufacturers overcome the Koenigsegg to develop and produce their own engine. That is, most observers and competitors, are considered more or less impossible or too expensive to be taken into consideration.

However, year after year, Koenigsegg has proved them wrong. Not only are the engines developed in-house, but they also have class-leading capabilities in key areas. Among others, the engine passes the world's lightest and most compact, weighing just 197 kg complete with flywheel, clutch, the dry sump system, Inconel exhaust manifold with turbo. Low weight of the engine is just fantastic, because Ager engine is also class-leading power and torque characteristics. Let me give an example, 5-liter V8 Koenigsegg develops over 900 hp twin turbo 95 octane regular gasoline, and more than 1,100 hp on E85 biofuel. Ager produces more than 1,000 Nm of torque from 2500 rpm and the engine size R Ager Koenigsegg has a maximum torque of 1200 Nm at 3300 rpm than the tour, showing great flexibility.

These are extraordinary numbers, size and reliability of the engine without rejecting the driveability and flexibility. This is really a reduction, without the disadvantages. These features make it an engine more flexible and easy to use hypercars in the world.

To give a different touch Agera engines compared to other engines of production cars, it is easy to see the BMEP value (the mean effective pressure) in cylinders when full power. Best of the production of diesel and gasoline engines from other major manufacturers have a maximum BMEP of about 22 bars.


7 The new gearbox has a system Agera first world to an input shaft dual-clutch single. To keep the transmission of light, compact, solid and reliable with Cima Koenigsegg has chosen to develop a new type of gearbox that allows the use of a combination of a clutch system in dry and wet, so getting change first class. The first is the normal functioning double disc dry clutch in the traditional way. Then there is a hydraulic clutch, wet brake in the gearbox is engaged in each shift to slow the input shaft, along with changes in reporting and before the normal timing. This reduces synchronization time by two thirds, that art presynchronized. The result is a change very athletic, smooth and very fast.

Compared to traditional DCT, this change is lighter, smaller, has fewer moving parts and gives a clearer convertibility, almost continuously accelerating. In addition, electro-hydraulic shift mechanism to activate the exchange rate between the forks directly, without mechanical parts. This decreases the inertia of the transmission mechanism, and whether the game is minimized, because the shortest possible path of engagement is reached.

The transmission assembly weighs only 81 kg, which is by far the easiest 7 Hypercar transmission rate in the world. The transmission can also be configured for full auto.

The small size and low weight, given the speed longitudinal arrangement 7, has kept the shortest in the class rear overhang, and thus an excellent central location and a neutral mass behavior in extreme conditions.


The joint suspension geometry was designed to further improve the behavior of CCX winning. Joint action of the track is wider at the front from the back of the car, compensates for the narrower front tires and the car has a square position at two meters in front and behind.
In a typical tradition Koenigsegg, Agere is the longest of all the wishbones exceeded at the time of production. Along wishbones are a number of advantages - for example: a road less deviation during the movement of the wheel or cornering and improved geometry of the long wheel travel. This is one reason why F1 cars are very long arms. Arms are made without the aerospace chrome moly steel tubing, in order to minimize weight, combined with maximum strength and rigidity.

Very strong, lightweight uprights, are made from 7075-T6 aluminum, the aviation industry, and includes a 240 mm dual-SKF bearings, angular contact, normally found only in the LeMans prototype cars. Very large screen, the overall stiffness of the bearings for the wheel and thus provide better control, handling and comfort. Vertical supports must be 4.5 "diameter carbon fiber brake cooling ducts for the sheets to maximize brake cooling.


The interior of the Agera unlike any other car. No materials other than those deemed worthy by Koenigsegg are allowed. This means you can touch and see the Agera is aluminum, carbon fiber, precious metals, leather and alcantara aniline. All cells are highly customizable and offers wonderfully unique solutions, such as ghost light Koenigsegg, which make solid aluminum buttons glow powered LED symbols of nothing. A world first in the automotive industry. The light shines through the machined aluminum buttons and surfaces by means of micro holes almost invisible, creating excellent visibility of the symbols, and a very clean and elegant, surrounded by a fiber brand new console carbon and the whole tunnel.
The new super light full carbon wheel airbag contains many vital functions directly in front of the driver. As CCX is to move the paddle directly mounted on the steering wheel to allow to move without taking your hands off the steering wheel when cornering hard.

The central high-definition touch-screen infotainment system controls the audio, satellite navigation, Bluetooth phone and secondary functions such as performance counters and data telemetrical car.

Very nice seats coal, and possibly heated, are very long distances, but also gives an excellent side support, if necessary.

The interior is minimalist and efficient Agera in the purest sense of Sweden. Nothing inside is just to add visual drama, but everything is there with a functional purpose. According to Koenigsegg, is the essence of beauty as it follows a less is more philosophy that incorporates all aspects of engineering Agera.