Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jaguar XKR Speed [Reviews]

Jaguar XKR Coupe with new Speed ​​Pack allows customers to further enhance their already impressive scale XKR features, extending the speed of the car to 155 mph (250 km / h) at an electronically limited 174 miles i Timen (280 km / h) through a unique engine and transmission recalibration.

Jaguar XKR ensures speed remains stable at high speed, aerodynamic coupe uses revised front splitter, rear spoiler and a larger to provide greater balance and reduces lift. Active Differential Control Computer XKR also be adjusted to reduce the sensitivity control at very high speeds, thereby improving the stability and driver control.

Each speed Jaguar XKR comes with the Body-colored side skirts and rear diffuser, and the chrome around the windows, grids and mesh upper, half power vents and rear door finish. Red brake calipers with the logo of the Jaguar 'R', to sit within a 20-inch alloy wheels Kasuga.

Customers who order the Jaguar XKR Coupe with the Speed ​​Pack offers a palette of paint that is part of the Jaguar designers choice - a range of colors that have been specially selected to complement the car's performance potential. Seven colors are available in speed models Pack - Ultimate Black, Polar White, red sauce, cash, Lunar Grey, blue kyanite and blue spectrum.

Jaguar XKR Speed ​​and Black Pack

For customers looking to create a real state of the speed of Jaguar XKR, the new option Black Pack allowed to own a Jaguar fat and resolved with undeniable visual impact with the menacing black wheels shiny and exterior details.
Only available with the package of speed, XKRs package with black color palette is selected from the color of the Jaguar design team I think is ideal for creating an immediate reduction with an exclusive. The models will be available in Black Pack last Black, white or red sauce Polaris striking feature glossy black 20-inch alloy wheels of Kalymnos. Other glossy black finish is applied to the window surrounds and front grilles. Painted red brake calipers contrasts with black alloy wheels, while the color front and rear spoiler and trunk final round in the package. Customers can also order side 'XKR' bar graph of the body over the doorways.

Jaguar design director Ian Callum says the new package in Black is a welcome addition to the XKR: "Jaguar is in beauty, are also on the speed and power with optional black package, you can now add a sense of drama and gravity. this action. "
In addition, the Black Pack, external changes, the program chosen by the Jaguar Designers' has also selected a series of pieces that support the visual impact of the car. All XKRs Pack with Black leather is finished with coal seams can be customized with different color and grain. Three of the interior surfaces and coverings for the end of the doors and moldings are also available - Oak, dark and glossy black aluminum mesh.