Monday, June 20, 2011

Fiat Uno [reviews]

The new Fiat Uno, a model of fat in the concepts and the lines just to redefine the compact car segment. It is simply unique. A. Single. Singular. Individual. This is how the dictionary defines the word "One." And this is how the new car is Fiat Automobiles.

New Fiat Uno with all the attributes that enable a new success story. In addition, a new concept and the bold lines, enables unprecedented customization, the Brazilian market. The new icon of the segment. Countless options for the factory and the dealer, the customer can customize the car to his / her taste, optional equipment and accessories, turning the new extension of one of his / her individuality.

But look behind the innovative machine also has a clear strategy. This marks the first of two new engines - Fire Fire 1.0 Evo and Evo 1.4, both flex-fuel - the incorporation of modern technology to ensure high performance with fuel economy and low emissions.

To formulate the concept of this new model and to achieve its surprising forms, the designers of the Fiat Style Centre for Latin America and the Fiat Style Centre in Italy did not try to guess what consumers wanted. On the contrary - first, they talked to the customer, and only then started to build the car. Open communication has been adopted throughout the product development to the clinic with the actual size models of internal and external style. In this way, there was no room for error.

One of the most important data collected during the research was how the consumer sees the Brazilian Fiat Uno: an icon, a measure of longevity, robust, reliable car, economical - both the purchase and maintenance and fuel . A success story with square lines, away from the high, rounded lines of most models currently on the market.

Several concepts have been proposed in this universe. The winner was "New Square - Square and durable than anything else." In other words, a new treatment of the square. Evolution. New Fiat Uno.

For this reason, it gets the same name as the famous hall, but not available for the contract to replace: One Mille continues as a reference point - after all, the model who opened the segment 1, 0 powered cars in Brazil in 1990 - and optional with an exceptional cost / benefit.

To the best of tradition Uno, lines of new compact sedan, which include a comfortable, well-lit cabin, with an optimal space for all passengers and offers convenience features like power steering, air conditioning, radio with CD player / MP3 Player with Bluetooth hands-free USB connectivity, as well as important safety equipment such as airbags and ABS brakes.

The new Fiat Uno also offers a new concept for its segment: the heated windscreen with misting function. This, when activated, can take up to three minutes to defog the windshield completely. After this time, the function is automatically disabled.

The new Fiat Uno is available in four finishes, all with four doors - two with 1.0 engine and two with 1.4 engine - and retains the name of one of the most successful versions of the sedan: Path Model. In each, the consumer can be sure he / she is a modern car engines with excellent fat and personality. They are: Vivace One Flex 1.0, Flex Track One 1.0, 1.4 and 1.4 Flex Flex One Way One attractive


One of the main reasons of pride for the Fiat Style Centre for Latin America is the entire process of creating a new Fiat Uno, but this would mean little if the final product was not specific. And the new Fiat Uno is a special one.

Since the beginning of the creation process, designers have worked side by side with a research study, ask questions, make suggestions and feedback.

Basics: listening to customers, it would be possible to screen and refine his / her suggestions to create just the car of his / her dreams. What were the first designers to discover that the Fiat Uno, the icon, is the starting point for a new car. Fiat Style Center has begun to develop a new car, and research determined if it was exactly what the customer wanted. Observed responses to the follow-up.

The result is a completely original, humorous called "Round Square", which guided the overall development of the new car.

And what exactly is a round square? Going One on the icon and its square, the designers created the "New Square": the development and modern pop. Give him a form, have used the local industrial design (industrial design) - instead of the traditional principles of automotive design, the curvier, sporty lines - to create a round of new model lines.

Taking the place as a reference, a balanced car designed with geometric shapes. Tiles with curved back Fiat Uno, but at the same time, are a contemporary concept and a trend from now. Past, present and future merge with boldness and with the news.


Round squares are noticed, partially cover the surprising new Fiat Uno: Fiat designers located in three purely aesthetic between the left and the lighthouse logo of the company that attracts the eye and to incite the curiosity to explore further .

Only then will it be noticed that the theme is repeated in all the external elements of the new Fiat Uno, expressed in countless ways, and it is also noted that the line is random: in all the forms have been carefully built in other round surfaces. Designers fruit, skill and inspiration is an innovative model that transmits the dynamism, strength, youth and modernity, without losing the fun aspect.

On the front, including the bumper and circling a large square divided by a horizontal bar where the license plate and two air intakes are located. Rounded corners to play with square fog lights integrated geometric side, and also lead to eye headlights, which consists of two overlapping squares with rounded corners.

The front cover is cut the power winding and win with an increase in volume, which ends at the bottom of the windshield. The lateral incision is very close to the front wheel arches, which in the first Uno. They provide different amounts defined by grooves, giving the car a solid, diverse appearance. Its upper surfaces meet large waist, strengthen this aspect.

In addition to the side of the wheel of "square" is a string groove aesthetic rectangular with rounded corners, which, along with new handles, is characterized by lines of a new one. Curves of the roof and rear windows to harmonize with the line at the bottom of the windows, and life, parallel to - tracks that give a sense of horizontality and firmness.

Large rear lights positioned behind the pillar to attack the side, providing maximum visibility in all situations. They are balanced by the design of the rear pillars, and make it more aesthetically light. They also have curves similar to those of the rear windows, play with the geometric contours, which makes the look of the new Fiat's most innovative and interesting.

On the domestic front, rear lights, the large rear window with simpler and more equal amounts. The back door has a curved surface and surrounds the bumper meets the wheel arches, always well-defined curves and straight lines, playing with the squares, set the tone for this car.


Also playing with the geometry, the interior of the new Fiat Uno exploring exterior contrasts with the round shapes. Comfortable, friendly, light and young, invite people to stay inside the car.
Again, it all happened for a reason. Contours, relief, colors, textures, graphics, finish, everything has been designed and planned in detail in the style and ergonomics and comfort point of view.

Thus, the interior is spacious, well lit, comfortable, functional and well finished - which is fully lined, with no visible plaque, and is certainly in keeping with the spirit of the new model.

One of the highlights in the control cabin. The front has an insert molding technology, a diver with the films and injected plastic component - is a point of appealing and series versions of Way, and an optional point of Vivace. This resource allows you to create diverse, colorful and decorative graphic elements, and also gives the owner of a new Fiat Uno to customize it with one of the many designs that are available as accessories by the manufacturer.
Standard and textures in the rest of the panel to innovate. Looking closely, you can see the infinitely small square - rounded corners, it seems, through the surface. Touch comfortable and easy to observe, offer higher quality of the final product of the new Fiat Uno.

The instrument panel takes up the circular theme, including the display. It is illuminated by white LEDs, and is ready to read, making the driver's life easier. Vivace version also econometrician (gauge of the economy), the same indicator for immediate consumption, Team Uno Mille Economy and Economy models Palio fire.

The seat cover has also been extensively studied. Instead of just the usual, the designers studied the new technologies and products to get a result consistent with the style and quality of the new Fiat. Therefore, each version has its own fabric - which can be woven, knitted velvet, or a combination of technologies - all developed by different vendors and designers wanted exactly. The coating is also repeated in the side door panels. The attention to detail, obviously, includes the reasons for the fabric.