Saturday, June 25, 2011

Concept Lexus LF-GH (2011)

Lexus LF-A Concept GH will make its world debut in 2011 in New York International Auto Show. "For this concept, Lexus engineers studied the properties are often contradictory and difficult to achieve together," said Kengo Matsumoto, General Manager, Design Division, Lexus, Toyota Motor Corporation. "A charming design the Lexus LF-HT is studying the possibility to balance the concept of what is usually the opposite properties, such as style and functionality."

Working with a sheet of paper, the designers at Lexus Division design perfectly combine style compatibility, performance, efficiency and environment at a premium Grand Touring Sedan trying to take advantage of advanced new technologies.

The team explored how a great looking sedan on the tour would stop and on the road, and what design approaches can work to offer an extraordinary combination of attributes. They came up with a design that combines elements of hard and soft and energetic and relaxing.

Through this exercise, the definition of L-Finesse design philosophy mark since 2001 has been refined and has evolved to include a bolder, clearer projection of what could be a premium car in the modern world. The result is the Lexus LF-GH concept that broadcasts original thoughts and ideas that will migrate to the future Lexus cars in the world.

"Customers have been waiting for a bold concept such as Lexus," said Mark Templin, Lexus Division Group Vice President and General Manager. "We look forward to their return and to integrate some of these design features exciting Lexus cars in the future. "

Inside Merciful

Behind the glass tinted dark hints of a completely new, future Lexus interiors to be seen. Cabin on the Concept Lexus LF-GH is a product of a thorough examination of every detail, with the aim of making an interior that is focused on the driver.
The driver belongs to a few meters panel area with excellent visibility and intuitive usability of the console. The new analog clock with a three-dimensional face, a watch is modern and luxurious Premium Luxury Brand, is a focal point of the interior design, and represents a change in the Lexus design philosophy '.

Fences, high quality materials and rich detail finely honed contribute to the driver and the passenger compartment in line with the idea of ​​a genuine Gran Turismo sedan. This is an interior designed to meet the needs of customers, who know the true quality, and are particular about the details.


Blue LED badges Lexus Hybrid Drive located on the tailgate of the signal, the front grille and an intention to give equal amounts of fuel economy and performance as required. The rear exhaust tips for mixing a sculptural very clean, finished look, minimizing the presence of the exhaust system, suggesting that the flow of exhaust gases will be significantly reduced. Taken together, treatment emphasizes that this hybrid concept is designed to meet the exceptionally low emissions future.

Lexus LF-GH design engineering support to change current notions of power, efficiency, safety and environment in a luxury car luxury.
"Although only a concept, we expect the LF-Gh resonate with our customers around the world, and to communicate our intention to promote new ideas on the face of Lexus in the coming years," Matsumoto said.

In the tradition of Grand Touring

With the LF-GH, Lexus takes the idea of ​​the Gran Turismo coupe one step further. The GH-LF is designed for high performance concept will provide a mobile experience of driving, comfort and transport of different people at higher speeds for driving long distance. It combines a strong presence and focus on emotional appeal and functional features that provide greater comfort, plus a practical capacity to bring personal items and luggage need to extend the distance. While maintaining ride comfort serene, is a car designed to inspire and fascinate a driver accumulates hours behind the wheel.

The bold stance, large is consistent with the goal of inspiring excellence dynamics on the road. Basically, these are the proportions of a sedan agile, responsive platform built on a rear point. The distinctive design of the greenhouse effect long has the potential to benefit passengers a functional and spacious interior for four passengers, cargo area large and excellent forward visibility.

LEDs indicate the extent and scope of new materials, electronics and dynamic systems that fit this concept vehicle with the state of the art performance, ride control and safety devices. Overall, the style of the Lexus LF-GH includes the definition of a true Grand touring sedan from Lexus might be.