Saturday, June 25, 2011

Citroën DS5 (2012) -Reviews

Citroen has unveiled the third model is expected for its innovative and unique DS Citroën DS5. Designed to express the degree of Citroën "Creative Technology", the Citroën DS5 combines innovative style, rewarding driving dynamics and exceptional level of sophistication and innovative technical solutions.

Citroën Citroën DS5 HYbrid4 model is first to be equipped with diesel hybrid technology, which offers improved performance and the ruling class environmental credentials. Advances HYbrid4 system offers 200 horsepower, four-wheel drive capability, emission-free electricity to the city, and an easing function to stimulate the road - with the total CO2 emissions of only 99g/km.

The DS line has redefined the expectations in the car segment of the city with the DS3, and combines the style of a coupé and the versatility of a five-door hatchback DS4. Advances in the executive segment, Citroën DS5 potential customers looking for a very brave and strong drive with a vehicle design in modern times.

Based on the futuristic and magical concept C sports saloon, DS5 bringstrue technological innovations in its class.

The dynamic exterior reflects a modern expression of the state and promises enhanced driving pleasure. Fluid lines, a sleek profile and muscular wheel arches - involving alloy wheels large (16 "to 19") - gives an air of confidence Citroën DS5 undeniable refinement.

Self-confident in front immediately identify the Citroen DS DS5 family member. It is a large air intake, a large chrome grille housing arrows, and a new LED sign. A special feature, DS5 has a chrome "Sabre," inserts on the top of the projector includes the windshield.

The design takes the way back from Citroën DS5 the presence of another level. The car is well on track width, features two exhaust pipes integrated into the rear bumper and highlighted by a signature on the back, with six light guides.

Citroën DS5 is so charismatic, with a notable cabin fully compatible with the exterior styling. The driver oriented cockpit with a cut-off, the driving position with the steering wheel nearly vertical and a large central console. Citroën DS5 immediately fires the imagination. A series of buttons, switches, scroll wheels and switches are grouped into two center consoles, and a very low over the driver's head "-style pilot." Simply pressing the START button brings to life inside. Color Head-Up Display information on key projects in the pipeline of sight and the ambient lighting bathes the cockpit of a heady mixture of red and white.

More importantly, benefit from the expertise of Citroën Citroën DS5 in the quality and sophistication. Every detail is carefully considered, with quality materials such as Club fine leather upholstery and an exclusive design "bracelets" seat - a key signature of the line DS is unique in the market.

Coordination with the bike fun with the comfort and convenience, the Citroën DS5 opens new horizons and an innovative architecture, including:

A stylish compact (4.52m long, 1.85 m wide) and a riding position fit for a Gran Turismo coupe.

  • A large trunk (up to 465 liters VDA) evokes a Sportwagon.
  • Five seater, four-door sedan, and all access to, and modularity.

For its debut motor show in Shanghai, the DS5 delivered in a unique Citroën DS5 Pearl White. The cabin has ebony full grain leather, contrasting subtly flecked with silver seams. The interior details include decorative inserts in ebony and a highly reflective fascia Markassa created by applying several coats of lacquer. Citroën DS5 White Pearl also sports alloy wheels specially developed 20-inch.