Friday, June 24, 2011

Car Review: 2011 Toyota 4Runner

Car Review: 2011 Toyota 4Runner - 2011 Toyota 4Runner is good for towing and off-road driving, but not the best substitute for the family car. A rugged 4.0-liter V6 sound is powerful and relatively fuel. efficient Tour turbulent and handling is poor. Version "Trail" is designed for serious off-road riding. Its 4WD system is a primitive of part-time system , unless you upgrade to the Limited trim. Third-row seats are optional.

Professional and Consumer Review:

Professional: I just traded my 2001 SR5 for a 2011 SR5 and so far I love it. The ECO light reminds me to accelerate a little bit more gently which is a plus for the $$ of gas today at $4 for reg unleaded. Stereo system is fantastic. Ride is smooth and quiet. Transmission has a great feel! The Bluetooth cellphone capabilities are fantastic - NY State just added 2 points to any cellphone violation while driving, so I can't speak highly enough about the technology.

Consumer: I found a small spot of rust on the rear bezel. I do not expect that all vehicles with less than 6K miles. For handling in curves, not too high. Enter the fast corners, I think, because it really makes a / as soft costs, but adjusted to the turns more slowly. In general, the truck is driving me a little more civilized than I should anyway. Backup mirror is a bit overrated ... is good when back in the garage to make sure I'm all the way without hitting the wall. This is a truck and the steps would probably be very useful, especially when the roof cleaning or storage of equipment in the transport of goods. @car review