Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2011-Mazda BT-50 [Reviews]

In 2010 Australian International Motor Show in Sydney, Mazda unveiled the new Mazda BT-50 which means a new direction in the segment of public services. It was developed as a "vehicle for active lifestyle," and aims to extend the use of a tool for professional users a wide range of clients, including families and revelers.

Current BT-50 is the only Mazda's range of e-business. You have installed a ton of utility, which has won numerous awards and gained a strong following throughout the world. In developing a new model, the Mazda to expand its appeal to customers, leading to physical exercise, besides the needs that can not meet the usual utilities. It offers all necessary functions for business, combined with car-like comfort for families and active customers in Australia and Europe, is the perfect answer to all types of outdoor recreation activities. Thus, the new BT-50 was developed to meet the diverse needs of customers in all markets.

To ensure that these objectives were achieved, the new Mazda BT-50 was developed under the theme "Active lifestyle vehicle." The result is a utility that provides a unique value that it has a elegant design and expressive, comfortable interior, high quality, smooth ride with the feel of a car, sporty and responsive driving dynamics that reflects Mazda DNA, and the unique environment and safety performance.

Design: "Beast sophisticated"

We wanted to design a truck that car lovers would be very happy and proud to own. We identified a unique and expressive people find desirable and wanted it to be perceived as strong and reliable. This led us to define the concept as a "sophisticated beast."

As Ryo Yanagisawa, the head designer is a new BT-50, said. "Message of the Mazda brand is a Zoom-Zoom, which refers to the feelings of motion first experienced as a child The new Mazda BT-50, we tried to express this sentiment through planning, and paid a lot of inspiration from different. "movements" in the world around us, for example, we had a photograph lions looked magnificent beast, his muscles, all accumulate as if he were going to pounce on its prey His tendons were stretched ready to strike, and his mane framed a strong male gaze that seemed to say .. 'I am proud of the king of beasts "profile!, the lion seemed to be so smart and strong. I wanted to design a project of this image is loaded. This inspiration was based on emotional design that we have worked hard with all the new BT-50. "

Exterior - Styling Lively and introduction

It does not reduce the strength or functionality, we wanted to give the exterior of the new Mazda BT-50 with a sporty design, full of movement, that would make people want to come in and immediately drive. Sharp lines are the proud owners are looking for.

The machine is ready for the beauty and individuality that you recognize at a glance from any angle, up to 100 meters away.

Dynamic wedge proportions evoke the image of large predators going to pounce on unsuspecting prey. This is unlike any other utility.

Casting off conventional rectangular image of a utility, sporty and dynamic lines are in harmony with the rest of the range Mazda cars.

Other developments Mazda traditional wings prominent, muscular lines flow from the wings on the sides.

Front bumper with bold presence, overwhelming and rear individual

Mazda family face, the five-point grille, is developed in a more impressive look with headlights and a chrome strip forms a large pentagon.

Lighthouses have a boomerang-shaped fat, detail and prepare a functional beauty.

The first segment - the taillights are stretched horizontally to reach the corners and the whole back door, is a sporty and sophisticated view of the back, reminiscent of a premium SUV.

Interior - Athletic and Personal Space

We wanted to give the interior The new Mazda BT-50 sports and more personal atmosphere integrates a dynamic exterior and create a comfortable space to rival Mazda's current standard for passenger cars. The cabin is designed to envelop the driver and provide an environment that supports the driving enthusiast. Bring your driving experience pre-and reactive sport utility exceeds the standard.
The fluid design harmoniously joins the center of the dashboard, center console, which raised has never been seen in a van.

The dashboard has an asymmetrical design to create an optimal space on each side, to reassure the wrap around the driver and an open space for the passenger.

Four panel of metal bands in bold in the door trim and center console side expresses the dynamism and seems to support the interior.

An outline metallic highlights two cylindrical feet, and connects via a central reservation in order to improve readability and improve the sport, driver-focused feel of the dashboard.

The control panel of the switch panel and climate control, and driver independent temperature control on the passenger side, forming a beautifully designed user interface.

With a modern and refined design both inside and outside, the new Mazda BT-50 will raise the bar in the utility segment for the first time to provide a realistic alternative to the family car and 4x4 SUV.